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Jeddah’s Top 5 Matcha Spots

Delicious iced matcha latte from Glacé

With the summer approaching, surely everyone needs a refreshing drink that would quench their thirst, and what’s better than trying out matcha from the places listed below. 


Good Hood

Looking for a delightful glass of matcha and some good vibes? Good Hood is your next destination. With an eccentric interior, a lively and colorful space, Good Hood welcomes its guests with open arms, to enjoy some of their exceptional food items alongside wonderful company. Loved for its menu options, the cafe was one of the first places to be picked for serving some excellent matcha, which is said to have just the right balance of ingredients. 



With a large variety of choices to choose from,  ZED is acknowledged for their rich and easygoing menu. From simple yet appetizing sandwiches that you can pick up on the go, savory burgers and salads, to an unlimited number of desserts and drink options, ZED had decided to add another tea to its marvelous collection; Matcha! Serving it the way you like it with your preferred milk and sweetness level, enjoy a cold glass of iced matcha latte in the comfort of their modern interior. 

Instagram: zed.ksa

Locals Cafe

Like its name suggests, Locals is a charming neighborhood cafe located in between other cafes and bakeries, giving its guests a pleasant and cozy space to relax in. Visitors usually come in to take care of any work they need to get done, as they provide free wifi, or to simply spend some quality time with loved ones. One of their top-picked menu choices by the guests was their matcha latte, served cold, refreshing and straight up heavenly. 



Chimney cakes, ice cream and matcha? We think yes! Head over to Glacé and pair their splendidly made chimney cakes, coming straight out of the oven fresh and crispy, with a revitalizing glass of ice cold matcha. Recently added to their menu, Glace made the decision to add matcha as a classic and guests absolutely loved the idea.  

Instagram: glace.saudi

The Boba Bar 

Did someone say matcha? Home to the green drink, The Boba Bar took it upon themselves to be one of the first places in Jeddah to serve a delectable selection of matcha drinks. Specializing in boba, taro, and especially matcha, The Boba Bar has a matcha series of their own that include drinks like Strawberry Matcha, Rose Matcha or just regular Matcha. What’s even more exciting is that their menu also includes a delicious cup of matcha ice cream, which should definitely be a must try on everyone’s lists.


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