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Books on the bookshelves. And stacked on the floor. Books kept in baskets. And propped by the door. Books in neat piles. And in disarray. Books tucked in closets. And books on display. Books filling crannies. And books packed in nooks. Books massed in windows. And mounded in crooks. Libraries beckon. And bookstores invite. But book-filled rooms welcome. Us back home at night! ― L.R. Knost

For a bookstore to remain successful, it must improve “the experience of buying books,” says Alex Lifschutz, an architect whose London-based practice is designing the new Foyles. He suggests an array of approaches: “small, quiet spaces cocooned with books; larger spaces where one can dwell and read; other larger but still intimate spaces where one can hear talks from authors about books, literature, science, travel and cookery.” The atmosphere is vital.

Hunting for the right books can be a challenge sometimes. You either scavenge through the myriad bookstores here or you order online. Here are a few of the best bookstores we could find. Let us know if you know of any other hidden gems.

Jarir Bookstore

Jarir regularly updates their website, however their English collections are quite outdated. If you’re looking for latest books in Arabic then Jarir is a great choice! But English readers will be unable to find the most new releases and popular books, which can be quite disappointing. You won’t be able to find exactly what you want, but you might find something good enough!

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Tihama Bookstore

This is the place to go if you’re looking for textbooks and classics.

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Afnan Bookstore

You’ll find books in Urdu, English and a good collection of books on Islam. They have a good selection of classics. You may also find a few contemporary English books at less cost. They also have a wide range of textbooks and language related books and dictionaries.

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Virgin Megastore

Prices are high here but there is a wide range to choose from. Let’s not forget about their cool comic section! They also had the Death Note complete collection! If you’re looking for YA fiction or other contemporary books you’ll them at Jarir. They also have a great section for Arabic books and other bookish items like bookmark and notepads!

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Little Book Bookstore

Little Book is a specialty bookstore for children (ages 0-12). Activities include organizing events, school book fairs, and story circles.

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Obeikan Bookstore

Many many books but none of them recent. You’ll find a handful of English classics but rarely anything else. They have a lot of Arabic books.

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Mawakib Al Ajr

They accept second-hand books as well as sell them. Most books are in good condition! They have a huge collection of books in English, Arabic and even other languages like French and Braille! You’ll easy find a book or two that you like. The prices are great and the money goes to an orphanage in Taif.

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Khazindar Bookstore

This is the place to go if you’re looking for academic books on a variety of subjects.

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This is an online bookstore based in Jordon. Books are available in both English and Arabic. Graphic novels and some comics are also available. Their prices are usually really high but the shipping cost is not as high as Amazon or Aramex.

Amazon International

You’ll find a good variety of books on this website! It’s takes at least a couple of weeks for delivery. You don’t need an Aramex account for ordering from Amazon, contrary to popular belief. Place your order and use Google Maps location for the address. You’ll get a call from Aramex and the choice for either picking up the package or getting it delivered to your door.


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