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Jeddah A Bohemian Majesty

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Want arts? Want history? Want some fresh street food? Say no more.




Local flight:
Saudia, Flydeal, FlyNas

Flight duration:
Riyadh – Jeddah (1.5 hours)
Dammam – Jeddah (2 hours)
Abha – Jeddah (1.5 hours)

By Car:
Riyadh – Jeddah (11 hours)
Sharqiya – Jeddah (14 hours via Highway 40)
Abha – Jeddah (9 hours)

Jeddah has so much to offer! From arts and culture, food and coffee, to history and heritage, you’ll leave wishing you had more time.


  • Sculptures
    Jeddah is dotted with dozens of weird and wacky sculptures commissioned 40 years ago by visionary Jeddah mayor Mohamed Said Farsi. Be sure to keep an eye out for them:they’re easy to overlook sometimes.1-sculptures1-copy
  • Art Galleries and Exhibitions
    Jeddah is the arts capital of the Kingdom. If you’rea fan of the contemporary, Hafez and Athr Gallery are two modern exhibition spaces that host local and international artists throughout the year. But if you’re looking for something more unique, Darat Safeya Binzagr offers a special experience of the eponymous gallery.

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    Sourced Photo

  • Pharan Studios
    This hidden studio space is home to one of the more expansive arts and design libraries of the city. Stop by for a brief but authentic creative experience.


  • Specialty Markets
    (Afghan. South Asian. Yemeni) Jeddah is truly a melting pot, with people from around the world calling the coastal city home. As suck, there are distinct cultural markets to get specialty ingredients and goods. Why not soak in some diasporic experiences?


  • Al Balad
    Also known as Historic Jeddah, Al Balad is replete with heritage. You can experience it through the countless museums throughout the district, or you could walk through the streets and get a glimpse of history first-hand.



  • Bab Jadid or the “New Gate” welcomes you to the o d Jeddah district.
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Sourced Photo

  • Visit Bait Naseef.a’s historical abode turned to a museum, with a rooftop that promises one of the best sunsets in the city.
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Sourced Photo

  • Discover master artisans nearby. Ahmed AngawiStudio converted one of the first public schools for girts into a maker’s haven.
  • Get a bit of history at Bait AlBalad.a museum where you’ll find ancient artifacts. furniture.and some local artworks.
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Sourced Photo

  • Look for the Abu lnabah street and walk on the flamed cobblestone street to find an empty building believed to be a haunted house.


  • A few steps away and you’ll see Rubal AlKhunji.a two-story white building that turned beige. locals say that was once home to widowed or single women before becoming a social initiative.
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Sourced Photo

It gets pretty hot in the summer, so we suggest going in the later afternoon or evening. Don’t forget to work up an appetite: the street food here is legendary-especially the liver sandwiches!


Shopping List

  • Abaya and Shemagh
  • Dates and Spices
  • Oud Perfumes
  • Patterned Textiles

Al Alwai Souck

  • Mistika and Essential Oils
  • Coral Jewelry
  • Subha (prayer beads)

Eat List

  • Ful and Tamees (creamed fava beans and flatbread)
  • Masoub (a sweet and savory dish made up of bananas and flatbread)
  • Kebdah (liver)
  • Shahi Adani (milk tea with spices)
  • Balilah



  • Boulevard
    Walkthrough the Boulevard plaza and enjoy a luxury shopping experience with brands such as Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Tiffany & Co., and much more.
    Location: King Abduaziz Rd.
    Instagram: boulevardksa
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Sourced Photo

  • El Khayyat Center
    Located right in the heart of Jeddah’s shopping district. El Khayyat Center offers countless international luxury brands.
    Location: Tahlia St., Al Andalus Dist.
    Tel: +966-12-6655558
    Instagram: elkhayyatcenter


  • Red Sea Mall
    Satisfy all your shopping needs right by the Waterfront, maybe even sneak in a movie while you’re there. Not to mention the largest food court in town that hosts many international restaurants and food stalls.
    Location: King Abdulaziz Rd., Ash ShatiDist.
    Tel: +966-12-2151551
    Instagram: redseamallksa
  • Ana Ghair
    A combination of a small mall and a large concept store, Ana Ghair Mall recognizes and sells all local brands to their niche market
    Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Ar Rawdah Dist.
  • Mall of Arabia
    One of the biggest malls in Jeddah with endless brands to choose from while you shop.
    Location: Al Madinah Rd., An Nuzhah Dist.
  • Al Salaam Mall
    A grand mall you won’t want to miss. Aside from shopping through countless international brands, you might find yourself roaming the halls of IKEA. Don’t forget the huge food court!
    Location: King Abdullah Rd., Al Fayha’a, Dist.
    Tel: 9200000262
    Instagram: alsalaammall


  • Makeen Space
    Sip on some freshly brewed coffee while you shop the latest local designs. Makeen Space holds an array of interesting designs from clothing to household items.
    Location: Tahia St., AlAnda us Dist.
    Tel: +966-500024359
    Instagram: makeenspace
  • Grey Collective
    Longing for a store that doesn’t sell all its items online. Grey Collective was founded to embrace all the creative concepts behind unique minds in one place. This concept store caters to all tastes and mindsets, making their brand coherent to everyone’s liking.
    Location: Tahia St., Al-Andalus Dist.
    Tel: +966-555029830
    Instagram: greycollective.store
  • Crate
    From stationery to food and fashion. Crate is a small space with a lot of character. It offers space for startup brands.
    Location: AlYamamah Rd AlSa ama Dist.
    Tel: +966-507399956
    Instagram: crate.ksa
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Sourced Photo

  • Homegrown Market
    Best known for selling local Abaya designs, jewelry, and accessories. Homegrown is a staple for anyone looking for fashion and design.
    Location: Pn Saud Al Fa sal Ar RawdahDist
    Tel: +966-503077540
    Instagram: homegrown_market


  • Souq Al Shati
    Shop like a budgeting Jeddawiat Souq Al Shati. Find items such as Saudithobes, abayas, scarves, gifts, house wear, and much more.
    Location: AhmadAlAttas Rd..Al Zahra
  • Mahmood Saeed
    Visit this grand market with a variety of endless items from home decor to clothing stores.
    Location: Sa mi IboRabiah Rd., Al Faisaliyah Dist.


  • Upscale restaurants

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, enjoy the best Michelin-caliber restaurants that del ver on all fronts, scrumptious flavor, expert plating, top service, and the most elegant of ambiances. These restaurants are sure to satisfy those who crave a fine dining experience that is as contemporary and vivacious as the city of Jeddah itself.

Nozomi, Toki, Miltaqa, Aromi, Sakura, Rasoi by Vineet

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

  • Casual eateries

There’s nothing better than enjoying great­ tasting food with great company. Jeddah is a full hub of distinctly varied cuisines that house delicious dishes and appetizing aromas.so you can be sure that no matter what you choose, it’s always a hit, never a miss.

Maison de Zaid, Shababik, Bateel, SectionB, Wakame, Urth Cafe.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

  • Local flavors

For the ultimate authentic experience, he locals know where it’s at. Check out our selected picks of the best Jeddah’s cuisine has to offer. Enjoy delectable H1jaz1dishes at these all-time favorite local gems.

Al-Nakheel, Meez, Ful21, Mathaq Zaman, Shaker Shawarma, Falafel Al-Khaldiya

  • Redefiningdining

Jeddah is a foodie paradise, with a lively food scene that excites the stalest of days. The city is bursting with new eateries and restaurants founded by up and coming Saudichefs in a dedicated effort to introduce the local community to innovative dining concepts and newly crafted flavors.

Social Kitchen, Baco, Street56, ShrimpAnatomy

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Sourced Photo

  • Crafted coffee

You can find coffee lovers all around the world, but Jeddawis really do value their brew. There are literally dozens of amazing coffee shops in Jeddah.such as Medd and Brew92. If you go to the latter, you have to try their ‘Iced Spanish Latte’-infamous amongst the sweet tooth community.

Brew92,  Medd, Dose, Batarat, Overdose

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

  • S.afood feasts

As a coastal city. Jeddah’s fish reigns supreme. especially at the famous Fish Market. There are countless restaurants where you can pick a fresh catch and have it cooked for you on the right there, so you can enjoy a unique experience at the seaside.

Twina Park, Al Anbariya, Salamah, AISharah, AI Bangala FishMarket

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Sourced Photo


→ Kiddie Fun

We highly recommend checking the websites of these places to make sure they’re open when you visit. Book your tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line!

  • Fakieh Aquarium is a great place for kids and adults to discover the wonders of the sea. Spen an afternoon here, learning about different marine creatures, watch the dolphin show, and have a fresh catch meal at the Blue Ocean Restaurant.
    Location: Fakiehaquarium.com
    Ticket Prices: SR 55
    Swim with Dolphins for SR 550
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Sourced Phot

  • Let’s Bounce! Skip the sun and jump your way to some fun. Bounce is the biggest indoor trampoline park in Jeddah and a perfect place to get you and your kids active.
    Web: bounce.sa
    Ticket Prices: SR 85 for Adults, SR 75 for kids
Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

  • What if the kiddos took over? Head to Kidzania to give your children a chance to try out being a fireman, doctor, liceman, and more.
    Web: Jeddah.kidzania.com
    Ticket Price: SR 135

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