Do you remember the funny email chains that used to circulate hundreds of times in the early 2000s? These viral emails were the main way of communication until they were disrupted by social media for the last ten years.

But social media has started to lose its appeal for anyone who’s trying to get value-adding information efficiently. The noise and diversity of platforms are making it increasingly time-consuming to follow up with trends. And many users had to find different ways to get their dose of credible and focused analysis. And email newsletters re-emerged.

Globally, the Morning Brew newsletter, for example, has started a few years ago by Michigan university students to send summarized business news with a witty youthful language and found a great following. Today their daily email is sent to over 2 million respondents.

Locally, Ali Kamakhi, a Saudi serial entrepreneur has collaborated with a number of marketing and Artificial Intelligence experts, as well as a talented team of young software engineering students at KFUPM, to provide a solution to the Saudi market. “Jareed” (www.jareed.net), is an Arabic email business newsletter powered by artificial intelligence to collect and curate the content best content from around the world. Ali stated: “While more than 100s of business stories are reported daily (globally and locally), our tools and team are laser-focused to select and summarize every piece of content before it’s published. Our aim is to keep our subscribers up to date and give them a positive push, without wasting their time. In Jareed you’ll find about a new business idea, an interesting innovation, an update on an investment opportunity, or a technological update that might affect your lives soon.

Ali continued: “In Jareed we don’t try to overwhelm you with everything that happened. Instead, we try our best to curate and concisely present the most important business highlights, while providing the sources for any reader who wants to find out more. Business owners and executives have busy schedules, and staying up to date with business news has become almost impossible in the abundance of information around us. You can imagine Jareed as a trusted assistant that filters and summarizes the most important highlights in a 5 minute morning brief.”

Kamakhi concluded by saying: “While Jareed might appear to be a new media outlet, it is actually a practical application of the data science and Artificial Intelligence. Our proprietary tools collect, filter, summarize, and prioritize content from around the world daily using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms. These tools are creating countless opportunities for us. For example, our tools can help many other organizations with their content/newsletter marketing. We can enable businesses to send content that is truly value-adding to their clients and goes way beyond the typical emails of: “we have a 20% discount” or “today is pizza day.” We can help brands create value-adding content that’ll strengthen the relationship between the brand and its clients, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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