I’tikaf During Ramadan

The last ten days brought alive with stronger faith, prayers and du’aas.

I’tikaf is The Prophet’s sunnah; the profound spiritual practice of secluding oneself during the last ten days of Ramadan for meditation and prayers. Prophet Mohammed PBUH would stay in the mosque away from his family and friends during the entire last ten days.

Meditation during I’tikaf gives your mind calm and focus; instead of becoming preoccupied with the dunya and external situations, we focus on our iman and inner spiritual world.

Conditions of I’tikaf:

Similar to other manasek (rituals), you should be a capable and sane Muslim, with the correct intentions, in addition to staying at the mosque – for men only. Fasting is an obvious prerequisite. Once your intention is set, I’tikaf can be done in any mosque.


  • Take care of your health by eating and sleeping well.

  • Recite Qur’an and supplications, and avoid disturbing others.

  • Remember to pack smart with all your essentials; necessary medication and a first aid kit, along with clean clothes and sanitation supplies.

  • Be considerate of others at all times; The Prophet advised his companions to not eat strong scented food to avoid disturbing others during prayers.


  • Talk about worldly affairs; your focus should be entirely on the akhira

  • Stay online and on social media all the time

  • Waste time

Link to register for I’tikaf in Madina:
(Please note: The Masjid Al Nabawi website is primarily in Arabic. You can navigate to “Visitors’ Services” on the menu and select “I’tikaf Request”. The registration page itself is available in four different languages. )

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