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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Introducing a New, Dermatological-Tested Solution for Dry Skin Issues in KSA

Introducing a New, Dermatological-Tested Solution for Dry Skin Issues in KSA

Bayer announces the launch of the new Bepanthen Derma skincare range in KSA to target sensitive and dry skin conditions.

Bayer has announced the launch of a new dermatologically-tested skincare range in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) targeting sensitive and dry skin conditions. The new Bepanthen Derma range has been developed by Bayer for the face and body, comprising of both moisturizers and cleansers for day and night.

The announcement was made today during a launch event among top dermatology experts and key opinion leaders, including Dr. Sameer Zimmo, Chairman of the Department of Dermatology and King Abdulaziz University, Prof. Thomas Luger from the Department of Biomedical Science at Malmo University in Sweden, and Prof. Enzo Berardesca from the San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome. The second day of the launch event also welcomed Nancy Ajram as the leading brand ambassador and guest of honor.


Formulated with pharma-grade skin healing science, the range contains a unique combination of ingredients including Dexpanthenol and Niacinamide that work deep within the skin to treat the root cause of dryness, restoring it from the inside out. It is a clinically proven formula with the ability to repair the disrupted cell renewal process.

Based on research, 56% of women in the Middle East are reported to suffer from dry to very dry skin, making it a significant skin health issue to manage in the region. As a highly emergent market in the Middle East, Bayer is committed to making the highest quality derma solutions available at every pharmacy and over-the-counter convenience store in the Kingdom.

Commenting on the significance of this launch Mohamed Galal, Vice President, Head of Middle East, Bayer Consumer Health, said, “At Bayer, we firmly believe in our purpose to drive science for a better life. The Bepanthen Derma launch stems from the company’s unyielding commitment to providing all consumers a wide range of essential products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to manage their personal health.”


“Our skin is not only what protects us but connects us to the world and the people we love. That is why we sought to develop an innovative formula that is not only effective but gentle and created in close collaboration with dermatologists. We are especially proud of the milestone this represents for Bayer Consumer Health, as KSA will be the first market in the region to receive these products.”

Hesham El Khouly, Commercial Lead of Bayer Consumer Health – KSA, said, “In our market research, we noted that many women in the region are forced to manage pervasive dry skin conditions throughout the year, affecting their overall quality of life. This pointed us to a clear need for an affordable, effective skincare solution among women in KSA that can address their concerns. By offering a formulation with a 90% concentration of natural ingredients, we have ensured that we are listening to today’s health-conscious, connected skincare audience.”

The launch of the Bepanthen Derma range marks the latest milestone for a brand that has been perfecting skincare solutions for over 75 years. The new range consists of eight new upgraded products for the whole family including face creams, body lotions, and cleansers that prioritize the use of natural ingredients while keeping its formulation free of preservatives, fragrance, and coloring.


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