Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Intriguing Jazan

Intriguing Jazan

 Time for A Fresh Look.

During Winter: 23°- 32° C

The dazzling city of Jazan, located in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia is different from the sandy image of the region. The city is a wonderful place to visit during winter, where the sun hides amongst the clouds, and the wind becomes chiller. The virgin tropical islands along its coast provide a unique refuge, a paradise for this escaping the harsh cold.tallan-museum

If you want to escape the quintessential winterland of northern Saudi try to rove on a boat against the breeze of the winter and go visit the sandy beaches of Farasan archipelago islands. These coastal gems are covered with rich, red coral reefs, crystal clear waters and get enchanted by the colourful jellyfish all over the island’s coastline and beautiful sea life along with migratory birds that give you a unique experience that is hard to find anywhere else._mg_3451-01

The island houses many wonderful sightseeing sites, so grab your camera and take a stroll at Qassar Heritage Village, located on Kabir Island, the heritage village is built and crafted using rocks and palm leaves, dating back to Roman times Alongside the village, you’ll come across, Bait Al Refaei, an architectural marvel once owned by a famous pearl trader from the region over a century ago.img_3100

Take a tour to witness the historical essence of the Ottoman Fort which is a rare sight outside of the Hijaz region that sits atop of a rigid hill with captivating scenery and restore balance with a religious, historical site that Najdi Mosque provides, which showcases the distinct Farasan’s architectural designs.

Apart from the sandy shores of the city, Jazan is known for its amazing mountains, Faifa, which is a must-visit during your adventurous exploration trip.

The mountain is covered in a green terrace that was articulated carefully by the hands of locals over the centuries to allow the enrichment of agricultural development. This mountain, with its beautiful view of the moon and its steep structure dressed in green foliage, makes it the perfect spot to hike and climb all the way to the top during the winter.

jazan_taste-of-jazan-1Indulge in Jazan’s Pick Me Up

Among the mountain-scapes, explore the vast coffee fields of Jazan in Al Dayer bain Mallik that is a 101 km away from Faifa, and warm up with the aroma of Jazan’s wide local variety of coffee beans that elevate your senses with its unique aroma. The growing number of coffee bean farms sowed with love by the local people, which will give any coffeeholic an enthralling experience.

Once you’re done with your tour, go roam in Jazan’s Heritage Village that allures its visitors with collecting all of the region’s traditions and art in one via the walk through history in mud huts and prosperous agricultural talents. Don’t forget to shop for local keepsakes.


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