Interview with Makeup Artist Hasaa Al Ajaji

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The world of makeup is vast and multifaceted, but somehow Hessa Alajaji, the makeup artist behind this month’s issue cover has managed to stretch her skills into editorial makeup, bridal, and even special effect movie makeup. We’ll delve deeper into how she got her start as a makeup artist, and how she’s been able to make her mark in the increasingly competitive beauty industry in Saudi.

To begin with, I’d like to know how and why you got your start as a makeup artist.
I grew up loving everything about art and creativity and always wanted to end up as an artist in someway or another. I dabbled into the world of makeup at 18-19 and knew right away that it was the thing I want to do in my life, started to take makeup courses and build up my makeup kit and it kicked off after that!

You seem to be balancing out your career as a makeup artist and college quite amazingly, what tips do you have for girls who are considering starting a job while still in school?
I advise girls to sort their priorities. At the start of every semester when I start doing my schedule I sort it around my work and what time I usually get shoots and appointments. Also, I always use a planner so that I can write down all of the important quizzes and midterms and make sure I don’t book anything on that day. 

Tell us a bit more about how you've found your niche in the increasingly saturated beauty industry in Saudi.
 What makes you standout is simply doing your work with passion, and never settling for less than what you’re capable of doing. Also never copy, always get inspired.

What makeup looks do you usually enjoy doing on occasions when you can let your imagination go wild?
Think out of the box and do whatever I’m feeling at that very moment, play with colors, glitter or whatever I feel like basically.

Are there certain makeup artists you look up to?
Of course, I love Wayne Goss, Charlotte Tilbury, Jeferee Starr and from the middle east I love Sabika Alrashed!

Alright, so we're one month into 2016, what are some trends you're excited to see in 2016?
I’m looking forward to the Spring makeup trends, such as the bronzy makeup, big lashes, and the abstract liners! 

What about makeup trends you'd wish could go away?
The harsh contour and highlighters, soft is always the way to go, also the overly carved brows. I just dislike when makeup looks so overly done that you start looking like someone else.

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