Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Inspired Luxury for the Most Exclusive Setting on the Riviera

Inspired Luxury for the Most Exclusive Setting on the Riviera

After revealing its new Rotunda and Le Grill restaurant, Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo now reveals the Princess Grace Suite, the most exclusive and exceptional setting on the Riviera, inspired by the timeless elegance and the delicate refinement of Princess Grace of Monaco.

This exceptional Suite, which features a contemporary design and spectacular outdoor spaces, offers a rare and cozy experience for a stay like no other. The new Suite was revealed in a preview showing as part of the transformation of Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, a world-renowned iconic palace which is in the process of being redesigned. And while it is en route to its third plenitude it is about to be turned into a palace-boutique with 50 rooms, until it is fully renovated by end of this year.

The general manager of the Hotel de Paris, Ivan Artolli, recently visited Saudi and spoke to us about the renovation of Hôtel de Paris:01-ho%cc%82tel-de-paris-hall-dentrehp577c

What is your purpose for visiting Saudi Arabia? What is interest does Monte Carlo have in the Kingdom?

First of all, the reason to visit both Jeddah and Riyadh was to thank loyal clients for their customs in recent years and our partners of course. And also to inform all the partners in the travel industry, travel advisors and our clients that refurbishment of the Hôtel de Paris will be coming to an end at the end of this year.

What brought about the renovations and redesign of Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo? What are the key features of the renovation and what can people expect from it?

In recent years, it became evident that the Hôtel de Paris needed to update and the renovation was necessary. Therefore, we looked at the design of the future Hôtel de Paris and the decision was taken to demolish those parts of the hotel that were not considered of historical interest and to rebuild them to upgrade and maintain refurbish the old part of Hôtel de Paris.


We felt that it is necessary to be offering our clients state of art technology, the best possible comfort and of course personalized proactive service which is brought about a very loyal team of the hotel. It’s very important to point out that the staff was still employed to work in the hotel during this time and the hotel was not closed completely.

What’s the feel and theme the new Princess Grace Suite? What inspired its name and how does it set itself apart from other hotels?

Princess Grace spent a lot of time at Hôtel de Paris. Most of her celebrations, birthdays or wedding anniversary, all were celebrated at the hotel. She was a regular guest at de Paris, which is on the 8th floor with the Princess Grace Suite.

When we first look at the layout and furnishing of the Princess Grace Suite, we could see that there was a feminine presence almost in the suite and the first thought that came to our mind was to celebrate the life of Princess Grace by naming this suite after her. The suite has a direct view of the Prince palace in the old town.suite-princesse-grace-86-1

How does it set the hotel from others? Well, if we are talking about the suite, this is one of the biggest, largest most beautiful suite in the French Riviera. It has ultra-luxury services on two levels, 227 square meters on the 7th floor and 150 square meters of outside space; 245 square meters on the 8th floor and 290square meters of outside space. It’s so beautiful that you can not believe your eyes when you enter the suite.suite-princesse-grace-92

If you are asking me what sets Hôtel de Paris apart from the rest, then I would say that no one enjoys the location and facilities that we enjoy in Monte-Carlo. What really sets us apart from a lot of other hotels is that we will be able to combine state of the art experience with all the 21st-century facilities, quality of material, quality of interior design with very traditional and personalized proactive service. We have been conducting intensive training for our team to be able to deliver empathy to our guests. From the moment they arrive until they leave we really train ourselves to create the best guest experience and make sure that everyone who leaves the Hôtel de Paris will find memories of the principality.

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