In The Right Surround-ing

Opening at 6 PM, Surround is targeting customers looking for a late lunch or a dinner. When you first enter the place, you can see the kitchen right in front of you where you can watch your food get prepared through the glass.

The upstairs seating area has a minibar for soft drinks and mocktails and a bread-making station. You can also watch them preparing the dough through the glass where they shape the dough according to what they are preparing. From burger buns, tortilla wraps, and even milk bread, it is all prepared internally.

The environment in the place is very friendly with the waiters greeting you with plenty of smiles and excitement. As if they were waiting for you to come to visit them. We were visited by supervisors a few times to check if everything was alright. The walls were nicely decorated with elements of the restaurant’s brand such as tic tac toes drawn and a few witty sentences that will put a smile on our face.dsc_6035-copy

When it comes to the food, the main appropriate criticism comes from the portions of the meals in relation to their prices. We started off with the Loaded Fries and the Bao Shawarma. The Loaded Fries were not very loaded and came in a very small bowl. The balance of the flavors was on point with the crispy chicken bites mixed with the crispy skin fries and a good selection of sauces. The Bao Shawarma came in pairs made with a homemade soft taco bun filled with crispy chicken spiced with shawarma spices topped with some cabbage. Although the tacos are small, they come in pairs and are filled with flavor that lingers in your mouth.

For the burgers, we tried their signature Surround Burger that has an option to double up on the patty. A well-seasoned patty with their special sauce and melted cheese, all put together in their homemade brioche bun. The meat was a little too well-done were some bites had a tiny crisp to them due to the burned parts of the meat. The Master Burger, another beef burger, was more interesting with more flavors exploding in your mouth. Finally, our favorite was the classic Fried Chicken Burger with a perfect crisp that crunches in your mouth as you bite into it. It comes with a hint of spice that comes from the seasoning of the chicken that sort of teases you with the spiciness. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, you can never go wrong with a classic crispy chicken burger.dsc_6063-copy

Overall, Surround is a good restaurant for the ones that appreciate a good vibe and having small portions of classic flavored dishes. We were not necessarily left with a wow effect with the flavors, but we were impressed with the service and the general dining experience. We would definitely try it again, but we wouldn’t have it as a regular dining location.

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