In Support of Jeddah’s Front line Workers

Rosewood Jeddah distributes dinner boxes at King Fahad General Hospital as a token of appreciation for frontline efforts.

The Rosewood Hotel Group stands firmly rooted upon the foundation of Relationship Hospitality, a belief that true hospitality springs from the nurturing and building of strong and lasting relationships with associates, guests, partners, and communities. rosewood-jeddah-image-3-copy

On the 30th of March, a team of Rosewood Jeddah employees distributed 200 dinner boxes to the doctors, nurses, and staff at King Fahad General Hospital as a token of the hotel’s appreciation for all their sacrifices, contributions, and efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Besides acknowledging the frontline workers’ hard work in saving lives and keeping people healthy in challenging times, Rosewood Jeddah also committed to playing a stronger role in supporting and building a caring community after the visit.rosewood-jeddah-image-2-copy

“Since the beginning, our frontline workers have been fighting on a daily basis to ensure our well-being, and continue to dedicate themselves to the fight,” said Mazen Allam, Managing Director of Rosewood Jeddah. “We are truly grateful and inspired by their unwavering sense of humanity –and hope to do more to serve our community in the future. (viagra/a>) ”

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