IN & OUT: Chopped, The Best Meats in Town

  • AAA Certified Canadian Angus Beef

  • Premium Australian Lamb Chops

  • Local Lamb Loin

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Chopped provides a wide range of meats carefully picked and imported from award-winning farms to satisfy the meat lovers of Saudi, imported from New Zealand, Australia, Holland and even more, you’ve got the perfect ingredient for your next meal to cook at home.

You’ll find in the display two sections; the first one provides marinated ready to cook chicken, sausage, and burgers. And in the other section displays the meat that they offer, grass fed beef, grain short fed beef, grain long fed beef, Wagyu, milk fed duct veal, and many more to satisfy each and every taste bud.

Imagine you’re craving a good juicy piece of wagyu steak or a greasy brisket that’ll melt in your mouth (basically all the time), and the only way you’ll get it is by spending a fortune. This is what Chopped will solve, with a small idea mixed with a lot of passion this butchery was opened. Going straight for the best farms around the world, the butchery offers meat products from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Holland, and Saudi Arabia. This modernized concept of butchery satisfies the chefs inside all of us to create top-quality meals right at home. The best way to describe the experience is “Honesty is our trademark and your satisfaction is our signature”.

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Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
Price Range: $$$
Family Section: No
Featured Dishes:

Red Meat:

  • Grain fed Australian premium beef – this is the best steak in the world, literally. Imported from the best steak award winning farm, Jack’s Creek.
  • AAA Certified Canadian Angus beef – personal favorite, where there are thin strands of fat throughout the meat to create a blast of flavor!
  • Premium Australian lamb marinated in Chopped sauce – the crowd pleaser, sold out in 4 days, you’ll have to run to get your hands on the next arrival.
  • Burger – with your choice of spicing. But the best part is that you can choose wagyu beef!

White Meat:

  • Shish taouk – delicious marinade and tender chicken.
  • Frozen Turkey – because where else will you find good turkey? You can also request a marinated/stuffed one.


  • Merguez Sausage – spicy french sausage, goes amazingly with breakfast eggs.
  • Lebanese Sausage – the chef’s favorite.

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