Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Impeccable Dexterity and Scrumptious Tastes

Impeccable Dexterity and Scrumptious Tastes

Contemporary Chinese fine dining restaurant, Noodles at Rosewood Jeddah, unveils their new and revamped menu.

Offering a host of delectable dishes from different regions of China infused with flavors to appeal to local taste, the revamped menu has become a quick favorite among fine dining enthusiasts. With a new Chinese chef at the helm, Chef Meng Zhao with his vast expertise in the Asian culinary field is bringing to Jeddah a unique gastronomical experience from the Far East.

The décor at Noodles restaurant carries authentic Chinese elements that are minimalistic and elegant. While at the same time the impeccable service by the team of polished wait staff, along with breathtaking views of the Red Sea enhance your dining experience. The restaurant’s accessibility and ambience makes it an ideal destination for a family meal, business luncheon or a centralized social gathering spot.i21

Through the open kitchen, the chef prepares the celebrated La Mian (hand pulled noodles) in front of diners. He pulls, twists and rolls the dough into strands and repeats the process until the elasticity reaches that perfect pulling point, leaving diners in awe. The luscious La Mian is delectably supple and full of flavors making it appealing even to the least adventurous pallet.

Known for its handcrafted dim sum, Noodles is becoming one of the most popular dim sum spots in the city. Here you can expect nothing but exquisitely handcrafted items put on your table for your indulgence.

The signature dish at Noodles restaurant, the Peking Duck, is surprisingly crisp and tender. Fire roasted the archetypal Chinese way, it is served with Chinese pancake and hoisin sauce which perfectly complement the succulent dish.i31

Not to miss is the Kung Pao Chicken.

Balancing and highlighting the sweet and piquant flavors into a sensational experience, this is a masterpiece. The perfect combination of chicken cubes, peanuts and peppers brings out the intrepid flavors of a traditional favorite.

A chef specialty at Noodles is the wok-fried lobster. Diners can themselves pick a live lobster and watch the chef prepare it right in front of them. Carrying bold colors and an enticing aroma, the lobster is a tantalizing indulgence.

The Zha Xian Nai is the perfect way to end your gastronomical dining experience. A sugary combination of fried coconut and soya milk, which is crisp on the outside and supple on the inside.i41

The Fen Si Pumpkin is another popular dessert at the restaurant. It is made from deep-fried caramelized pumpkin that is embellished with crispy glass noodles giving a taste that is saccharine yet delightful.

Noodles restaurant also has exquisite business lunch offerings from Monday to Thursday. For those looking for a romantic dinner, a supremely crafted menu and embellished private booths await couples willing to enjoy a one of a kind dining experience.

Location: North Corniche Rd.
Tel: +966-12-2607111
Instagram: RWJeddah



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