Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Idyllic Yanbu

Idyllic Yanbu

Yanbu, a rapidly developing industrial hub in Saudi Arabia, is a fantastic attraction to visitors and investors alike and has been growing in prominence in the Kingdom.

With its steady mild climate and year-round seaside activities, it’s an ideal destination for those wanting to thaw and have a unique beach outing and tranquil breezy evenings all on the same day.

During Winter: 16 °- 29 ° C

yanbu_boatFun in the Sun, and then some…

Cultural Pit Stops

Did you Know?
The truly welcoming historic and modern culture of Yanbu was established before the Roman period. The coastal city was a station used by traders in their journeys to and from the Arabian Peninsula.


Focuses on bringing together the Yanbu community with a wide range of food options.

Location: King Fahad Yanbu, Al Sinaiyah
Instagram: cascadaco

• Coriver café
A sweet delight with great coffee and cold drinks.

Location: Al Taakhi, Yanbu Al Badr
Instagram: coriver_sa

• Chef Neda Ali
In mood for a home cooked meal? Neda Ali delivers the exquisite taste of Yanbu. Reach out to her on Instagram to know what’s on today’s menu.

Mob: +966-540054542
Instagram: inedaai


YNB Design business: Handmade products that are artistically pleasing portraits of Yanbu’s main attraction, the beach and its coastal spirit. This place is dedicated to depicting the Yanbu locals’ creative side.

Mob: +966-544397741
Instagram: ynbdesign1


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