10 Restaurants From Around The Gulf We Need In Saudi Like Right Now

Photo Credit: mybigfathalalblog.com Photo Credit: mybigfathalalblog.com

Among the many things that the Gulf Countries share is their love for food. And all have a good chunk of local restaurant chains that offer lip-smacking food that you’d want to fill your tummy and Instagram feed with.

Unfortunately, many of these homegrown chains hardly operate outside their countries, so we in Saudi Arabia are missing out on amazing offerings that these restaurants from our neighboring countries offer. So here are some of them that we definitely want to see right here.


Naseef Café

They have been around for 100 years now and were renowned for their mango ice cream. However, of late, the café is becoming a quintessential breakfast joint. We have a shortage of good breakfast joints, so one like Naseef Café will be warmly welcomed here.

Photo Credit: sliceofmylyfe.com

Photo Credit: sliceofmylyfe.com

Saffron By Jena Bakery

Offering an interesting mix of culinary and cultural experience, Saffron by Jena Bakery has won multiple awards and was rated three out of three on Time Out’s awards for Best Bahraini Restaurant. It is located in tourist hotspots, so with Saudi Arabia now opening its doors to tourists, there are plenty of places where they can set up shop.

Photo Credit: philweymouth.wordpress.com

Photo Credit: philweymouth.wordpress.com


Hosni Omani Sweets

The recipes of the sweets offered here have been passed down from generation to generation. So if you are bored with chocolates and cakes and are craving for something sweet, then this is the place you’d want to head to. Hosni Omani offers traditional Omani sweets along with fusions of traditional and western delicacies, catering to a wide range of tastes.

Photo Credit: m.yebab.com

Photo Credit: m.yebab.com

Bin Ateeq

Traditional food around the Gulf is similar in many ways, though they do have slight variations. For those who haven’t been introduced to Khaleeji food yet, Bin Ateeq is the perfect place to delve into the regional specialties.

Photo Credit: cntraveler.com

Photo Credit: cntraveler.com


Slider Station 

Photos of their burgers on any Instagram feed can immediately induce hunger pangs – that’s how beautiful their burgers look. Slider Station already has branches in Oman, the UAE and Kuwait, so why not Saudi as well?

Photo Credit: mybigfathalalblog.com

Photo Credit: mybigfathalalblog.com

Mais Alghanim 

If you’ve been to Kuwait and haven’t tried this, you’re seriously missing out on amazing Levantine food. It has been in business for over 60 years now, so it’s safe to say it has stood the test of time.mais-alghanim

Naif Chicken 

One of the first homegrown quick service restaurants in Gulf, Naif Chicken is to Kuwait almost like what Al Baik is to Saudi.naif-chicken


Tonic Juice Bar 

Photo Credit: bloominspiringwellness.com

Photo Credit: bloominspiringwellness.com

Their menu carries names of juices that will leave you wondering whether they really are juices and not fitness supplements. Nevertheless, they taste incredible and one can gulp them down without feeling guilty. Just seeing the riot of color at the place your body will be yearning for juice.

Coffee Planet 

Coffee originated in Arabia, so it is by means of a homegrown Arabian brand that one can get to taste authentic Coffee Arabica. And, it is about time that we have competition in our Saudi coffee market that is filled with western brands.

India Palace 

Calling all foodies; indulge in time-tested Indian favorites here while you experience Indian royalty. The palatial décor and Indian paintings around the restaurant will make you feel like you are truly in an Indian palace.

Photo Credit: myguide-dubai.com

Photo Credit: myguide-dubai.com

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