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How to Saudi: City Style

Our tips on how to add a bit of culture to your closet.

The Bedouin Win

February-Fashion-Shoot-Riyadh-2017-NF5Top off your look with a denim jacket to urbanize your favorite jalabiya.

Jalabiya: Sraay
Instagram: sraay-kwt

Hoodie & Denim Jacket: Izy Design
Instagram: designIzy

Abbey Road vs Abaya Road

February-Fashion-Shoot-Riyadh-2017-NF11Add some Saudi flare to the London look.

T-shirts: Day N’ Age
Instagram: thedaynage

Jackets: Izy Design
Instagram: designIzy

Saudi Staples

February-Fashion-Shoot-Riyadh-2017-NF15A bold statement piece, like a bisht, is the perfect way to add culture to your costume.

Hoodies: Tee Saudi
Instagram: tee_saudi

Bisht: Taiba Market

Game of thobes

February-Fashion-Shoot-Riyadh-2017-NF17Though our abayas are black, our outfits are not. Saudi clothing is about color so experiment!

Headpiece: Janadriyah Festival

Hoodie and Jacket: Izy Design
Instagram: designIzy

Jalabiya: Ajal

Bag: Tee Saudi
Instagram: tee_saudi

Models: Yazeed Al Zwaidi and Lulu Al Muhaidib
Stylist: Lulu Al Muhaidib

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