How To Get The Most Out Of Your Suitcase

By Amal Sheikh

1) Roll your clothes instead of folding them

rolling clothes

This will reduce the amount of space used and could even reduce wrinkles.

2) Stuff your shoes

packing_hacks_stuffed_shoes the loop

Place smaller items such as socks inside your shoes. This will again save space but it will also

keep the shape of some of your more delicate shoes, and save them from being squashed.

3) Place plastic wrap under the cap of your bottles


This will prevent your lotions and potions leaking out and spoiling all of your clothes.

4) Trade in your toiletries


Pack travel sized versions of your favourite toiletries instead of full sized bottles.

5) Awkward items outside

dryer layer1closeup puttingmetogether

Pack awkward items such as hair dryers or shoes along the perimeter of the suitcase, and work your way in.

6) Keep that collar stiff


Coil a belt inside the collar of your shirt to keep it stiff.

7) Shower cap your shoes

18ix7oc9z07e1jpg lifehacker

If you have dirty shoes, cover them with a shower cap and toss them into your suitcase.

8) Keep everything fresh


Once you’re done packing, lay a dryer sheet over to keep everything smelling fresh and great.


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