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How To Create The Perfect Resume

How To Create The Perfect Resume

Writing up the perfect resume can be a daunting task sometimes, but no need to fear, Destination’s here.

Here’s how you can make sure your resume is the best document the HR manager ever received.


  1. Put your name:

It may seem like a basic task but it’s of vital importance because if they don’t know your name, they don’t know you. You may get caught up in listing your achievements and academics, so make sure you’ve got this there.


  1. Keep it brief:

No one has the patience to read a four-page resume. A resume needs to be one page only, concise, and to the point. Some resumes that are too long automatically get thrown out because of their length. Don’t be that person.


  1. Make it attractive:

Even if you’re an accountant, your resume needs to represent you in an exciting way. Your potential boss is probably fed up of reading numbers the entire day, so a fresh looking resume with good use of font, spacing and basic graphics can do wonders.


  1. Grammar, grammar, and grammar:

The worst thing you can do it write an entire resume with grammatical errors. There are a bunch of websites that can help you with grammar and spelling checks, or simply ask someone to proofread.


  1. Contact Information is the key:

Make sure your contact information is updated. You don’t want the HR manager to not be able to reach you, after reading your resume. Put in your email address, phone number and physical mailing address to avoid any risk of error.


  1. Get straight to the point:

Don’t overuse the words ‘worked, did or interned as’. You can use alternative verbs that describe the task to the point. E.g. “Managed team of 5 people to create a successful short movie.”


  1. Categorize:

Do not put everything as one paragraph. Divide between academics, experience, initiatives, interests etc. Also use bullet points, as this will keep the HR manager motivated to read. Too many words get boring.


  1. Make it relevant:

If you are applying for a graphic design job, then do not talk about the one time you did finance for a friend’s company. Make it relevant to the job you’re applying for and list the experiences there.


  1. Describe:

Do not just put the name of your previous work place or position. As mentioned above, describe what your task was specifically, because the person reading will have no idea about the work you did. Even give a short description of yourself in the beginning, like a professional snapshot.


  1. Do not underestimate a cover letter:

Though some companies might not specify writing a cover letter, still write one to show that you are on top of things, and so that the manager knows what you’re expecting from the job. This gives you a chance to elaborate on things you wouldn’t be able to on a resume.

Here’s an example of a good resume that stands out and gets the point across:


Other Tips:





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