Hop to Hoppers: Sri Lankan Cuisine Makes its Way to Jeddah

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Popping up in the Jeddah Yacht Club amongst many international restaurants, Hoppers has a special treat for you. Serving the most authentic Sri Lankan dishes, Hoppers is merging the cultures and bringing Sri Lankan cuisine closer to Saudi.

The restaurant gets its name from the Sri Lankan breakfast delicacy “hoppers”, consisting of a large crispy bowl-shaped pancake with a poached egg in the middle.

As you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by the floor managers right at the door before stepping into the beautifully decorated space. With glass wall windows, the restaurant gets an abundance of natural light accentuating the inferior design further. It includes two large “green walls” in the middle of the restaurant which grows leafy decorative plants that give the space a garden character.

The food is immaculate. The robust flavors and the beautifully spiced delicacies transport you to the shores of Sri Lanka with the flavors lingering on the tip of your tongue. Their Biryani and Raita incorporate layers of flavors from the various ingredients used in the preparation while their Fish Curry feels like it’s from another world. They also serve their infamous Chettinad Chicken Bites served with a black pepper and coconut curry sauce to pour over.

Due to its location, the restaurant has a stunning sea view where you get to enjoy your food while watching the sea hit the beautifully constructed Yacht Club corniche.

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