Hold your breath! ‘Moksha’, a collaborative yoga playlist by Nouf Marwaai and Deezer, is here

Nouf heads the Arab Yoga Foundation, which has coached more than 10,000 yogis in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia loves yoga. And we want to make sure you can practice wherever you are. Say namaste to our box-fresh playlist!

Moksha by Nouf is a yoga-themed playlist, now streaming on Deezer. It’s created by Nouf Marwaai, the Kingdom’s first certified yoga instructor. The playlist is named after the Indian concept of ‘liberation’. ‘Moksha’ is also how yoga frees the mind and body.

Moksha by Nouf has 20 tracks. Listen to them and work out all your stresses. The tracks cover Hatha Yoga, the practice of physical yoga postures. And they also cover Yoga Nidra, or deep meditation techniques.

“Yoga for me has been life-changing. It helped me overcome several health issues. It inspired me to found the Arab Yoga Foundation,” explains Nouf. “Music can help you get into the flow of your yoga session. Music helps me move to a meditative state as I practice yoga. Mind, body, and breath, all align in harmony with the beats. Music is yoga for the soul!”opt1

Today, yoga is officially recognized in Saudi Arabia as a sport. That’s thanks to Nouf’s efforts. She has coached more than 10,000 people in Saudi Arabia so far.

“It’s no wonder Saudi Arabia loves yoga. It helps overall fitness and good mental health. Something we all need in today’s times! With Nouf’s playlist, we can enjoy our yoga sessions even more. I find listening to music during yoga helps me focus better,” notes Mark Abou Jaoude, regional Head of Content, Artist marketing, and Label Relations, Deezer.

Nouf adds: “The ultimate playlist for Saudi yogis is here! Moksha spans Tibet, India, America, and more. It has soul-stirring tracks by Mike Rowland and Shantala. Along with sacred sounds of Tibetan chants and Native American flutes. It is eclectic and amazing! Moksha will help you mentally declutter. Listen to it and ease into a deeper state of meditative awareness.”

Kick-off your well-being journey with Nouf’s top tips:

  •     Yoga is not a competition. When you are on the mat, focus your thoughts inwards. You can’t be a perfect yogi, but you can perfect your discipline. Stay humble.
  •     You don’t need a whole new wardrobe to practice yoga – any comfortable clothes are fine.
  •     Use music to help you focus and center yourself.

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