High Fives: New Picks on the Block


DKSA’s nod to good food.

In our second edition of High Fives, we bring you our picks of the new eateries this year that are off to a good start in terms of food, ambiance, and overall vibe.

Chief’s Choice


Cuisine: Peruvian/Japanese
Value for money: Prepare to spend
Picks: Niku Meshi, Japanese Acevichado, Asparagus Truffle, Yokai Lobster, and the Shrimp Crocante.
Location: Al Malik Rd., Al Khalidiyyah Dist. Jeddah


Kuuru is where you enter the dramatically modern, fresh, and luxury Japanese kitchen influenced by the authentic culture and traditions in a culinary called Nikkei
cooking. You are bound to be hosted and served in a sophisticated aura wandering around while enjoying their crafted music playlist.

The expert chefs of Kuuru have put their power to our satisfaction. Handcrafting sushi and their expertise working the robata grill, Kuuru has plates that are easy for people to fall in love with from their deep savory flavors of Ahumado (smoked), including the Peruvian
smoked fish.


We’d definitely give this restaurant a 10 for its contemporary interiors decorated with the high inklings of light wood everywhere It’s further accentuated with distinctive cultural patterns on the bar, pillows, and flowers all amid the artistic fabric and symbology of Japanese culture.

Tucked in Kuuru is a gastronomic experience served by a friendly staff that is there to offer their full focus to trust them to give impeccable recommendations to suit your palate. Reservations may be difficult, so book in advance.

Instagram:  kuuruksa
Mob: +966-532500123 

download-2_3The Lucky Llama

Cuisine: International
Value for money: Prepare to spend
Picks: Hamachi Sashimi, Peruvian Classic Ceviche, Burrata and Avocado Salad, Wagyu Beef Tapaki, Seafood on Fire.  
Location: Ibrahim Al-Anqari St., Al Mohammadiyyah Dist. JEDDAH


The Luck Llama has created a commission where people get transported to a whole new world as they set foot into the international high-end dining destination. It is a spot that is easy for friends to gather for a catch-up or for couples to enjoy a tête-à-tête dinner. Its definitely a must-try experience.

That’s a 10 for sure! The elegance and the classy aura have been built in this restaurant, from the checkered black and white floors to the chandeliers and food styling, this restaurant wins us over. Even before setting foot on the spot, you’ll be excited by the attractive exteriors.


Flavors are remarkably measured to ensure the deliciousness of each dish. The Lucky Llama balances all the international plates perfectly, the Burrata and Avocado Salad is drizzled with a flavorsome Truffle dressing just enough to satisfy your taste buds, and the Beef Tataki is cooked tenderly and served with mouthwatering crunchy garlic.

Housed in The Lucky Llama are the amiable staff members waiting to uplift your ultimate dining experience with their high-quality services. Being talked about by many, the friendly staff is ready to whisk you away to a new experience.

Instagram:  theluckyllama.co
Mob: +966-555070625 


Cuisine: International
Value for money: Great for groups
Picks: Cheetos Fries, Sliders, Beef Quesadillas, Passion Fruit Mojito   
Location: Salaheddine Al Ayoubi St., Al Khobar


With your surroundings emulating a tropical and colorful oasis, we enjoyed a meal that was not only delicious but, combined with the ambiance, will allow you to feel as though you’re on a much-needed vacation.

Pastel colors, modern interiors, and neon lights are just a few features within Bloo’s space that give it a cozy yet compelling feel.



A combination of unique dishes that include a variety of cuisines that have many locals coming back for more.

Well known for their exceptional and friendly staff, the service at Bloo is easy while staying top-notch and attentive.

You’ll go for the decor, and stay for the food If you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere, good food, and attractive surroundings, this is
the place for you.

Instagram: bloo.sa

276023772_274466101522434_4019600272844257400_nOba Eatery

Cuisine: Italian American
Value for money: Moderately priced
Picks: Firewood Mushroom Pizza, Burrata Pizza Buffalo Shrimp.
Location: Khaleej Rd., Dammam


Considered one of the Italian greats in Dammam, we were pleasantly surprised by the overall experience, including the ambiance and the variety of Italian meals.

On the more intimate side, the space is simple yet elegant, with interiors perfect for a casual group gathering while maintaining comfort.

Best known for, the pizza, with their dough especially standing out. The pizza is cooked in a special wood-fired oven giving it that authentic Italian flair.


Friendly, Polite, and always Helpful

More on the menu
Pizza is not the only menu item making customers come back for more. Check out their pasta, burgers, shrimp appetizers,
and more.

Instagram:  oba.k.s.a
Mob: +966-58067776


Cuisine: Saudi/Local breakfast
Value for money: Above average
Picks: Classic Kibdah, Beef Mugalgal, Harissa Eggs
Location: 2859 Al Imam Abdul Rahman Ibn Faisal, RIYADH



What happens if you put a cool kids’ spin on a classic favorite aiming to give you an elevated nostalgic experience and have your space designed by award-winning architectural firm, Azaz Architects? Bofia, that’s what.

While Bofia tucks on your nostalgic bone, it’ll also immerse you in a contemporary space that leaves you awestruck. The play of steel, tiles, and white is an absolute aesthetic extraordinaire.


Bofia has caused quite a stir, people are flocking to have their breakfast, tea, tamees, and take the customary tagged IG photo (so don’t be surprised by the long wait).

Serving from 5 am to 4 pm, Bofia has a friendly crew that is dressed in all white and ready to serve you with a smile. Bofia is also known for its pretty cool merch (we want those socks).

Instagram:  bofia.sa

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