Herfah By Naeema

Dancing to the beat of our own drum.

The Fashion Brand with a Cause has launched its Spring/Ramadan ’18 Collection.

Herfah by Naeema is bringing Saudi luxury to the world through ethically made contemporary designs that celebrate culture, preserve heritage, and transcend time. As a brand we are committed to celebrating the craftsmanship of our region through working with skilled female artisans. These artisans use traditional weaving and embroidery techniques that have been practiced for generations. We want to see this knowledge, craftsmanship, and heritage live on throughout our region and beyond.

The release of Saudi Arabian RTW label, Herfah by Naeema’s RTW Spring/Ramadan ‘18 Collection celebrates how culture influences us and inspires individual creativity. The campaign highlights artists including dancers, oud players and visual artists from across the Middle East, demonstrating that there are many different ways to express your individuality and culture.

Featuring stunning elegant lines embellished with traditional Saudi handwoven sadu, the collection explores the balance of traditional heritage and modern luxury design. Flowing fabrics in dusty pink, white, beige and contrasting reds exude beauty and effortlessness. Sustainability has been considered at every stage of the design process, incorporating dead stock fabrics, a slow fashion philosophy and fair trade detailing into a versatile and modern collection. Each design tells a beautiful story.

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