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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Here Comes Ananas: An Original Social Community App Launching This Month

Here Comes Ananas: An Original Social Community App Launching This Month

A social app designed for local communities will be launching in January 2022 on Android and iOS. Ananas is a new community app aimed at balancing online and real-life community engagement.

For organizers and communities, the Ananas app assists in creating community-based events and experiences, where locals contribute their ideas and are part of the decision-making process.

By prioritizing a human-first experience over the digital one, Ananas sets itself apart from existing social media apps by making the objective of engagement be about supporting real world community building rather than simply consuming and sharing content. The app looks to bridge the gap between organizers and community members.

“We’ll be the go-to platform to view the pulse of the community and eventually make it a place where people can also make a living doing things they love doing,” said Yousef Shanti, Co-Founder of Ananas.

Users are encouraged to share – in real time and in the form of stories, videos, images, or text – their own experiences with activities, venues, and events they frequent. The app’s location-based feature will help the wider community discover and learn more about what is happening in any locality, highlighted in a real-time heatmap view.

Ananas gives its users and members a platform to connect by sharing relevant content and communicating from one easy-to-use app. The company hopes to present communities with an online space for meaningful engagement.

“Our mission is to enable community leaders and members to gather around what brings meaning to their lives, online and in real-life,” Shanti continued.

Users can create a profile with their desired username, interests, and preferences. With its advanced AI engines, the app then curates content so users see the latest and most relevant topics and experiences in any neighborhood. The more frequently users engage with it, the more the app adapts and refines results.

“With simple communication, relevant content, and support from specialists in community engagement, our easy-to-use interface brings together a world of experiences – allowing communities to achieve their goals without unnecessary noise,” concluded Shanti.

Stay updated on the release and get the latest news about this exciting new platform. Visit the website at and sign up today.

About the company

Co-Founded by Yousef Shanti, the Ananas team consists of industry vetted tech entrepreneurs, design, commercial, marketing, and engineering thought leaders. The company forms part of SUPERTECH, the creators of multiple digital ventures.


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