Happiness On A Plate At Coz Cafe

More than just gelato.

Serving happiness in the form of delicious treats, COZ (Collection of Zaid) has expanded their menu to add more dishes, both sweet and savory. Whatever you choose, the quality is high, freshly made, and with good ingredients.

Rich, creamy flavors of gelato, freshly baked cakes, and pastries are particular highlights. While the real star of the show is gelato, their pretzel sticks, carrot cake, and pistachio cakes are worth the mention. The mini cones and sticks are equally tempting.

The parlor itself has cozy corners and welcoming atmosphere one hopes for in a neighborhood cafe. Here, you can enjoy their specialty coffee and breakfast items, like French toast and mini pancakes, starting from 7am.
The focus is to build a place that has the personality of both a small bakery and a full-service coffee shop. If you need a dessert caterer for your next event, COZ brings the gelateria to you as well.

So go ahead, stop by COZ for a to-go cup and a treat early in the morning before work, or in the evening before heading on home.

Fun fact: the delicious food from all the other Zaid restaurants are created and perfected here at COZ! Their tasting process lasted an extremely long time before reaching a satisfactory level for everyone involved.

Location: Al Bukari St., Basateen Dist., Jeddah
Tel: +966-12-2062050
Web: coz-sa.com
Instagram: coz_sa

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