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Hand Made with Love in Sharqiya

1. Bnan Crafts: If you are looking for giveaways, invitations and gifts that are special, then Bnan Crafts is who to contact.

Bnan Handcrafts

Instagram: ns_bnan


Whatsapp: +966-545601164

2. Rooh Design & Sewing: Handcrafted Handbags!! Customized pouch bags that are unique.

ROOH handcraft Collage

Instagram: roohdas


Whatsapp: +966-505878326

3. Nada Accessorize: Handmade accessories that are made of stones for adults and children. She customizes everything from earrings, bracelets to necklaces.

Nada Handcrafts

Instagram: nadaaccessorise


Whatsapp: +966-548050240

4. Rehaf Art: She customizes the Arabian hand drum with calligraphy, paint etc., to make beautiful works of art for home décor.

REHAF Handcraft Collage

Instagram: rehafart

Whatsapp: +966-544172353

5. Afaf Jewelry:  Where beauty meets jewelry.

Afaf Handcrafts



Phone: +966-544284425


6. Jo_sew4fun: Handmade sewn designs for various uses such as camera straps, makeup bags, backpacks etc.

Jo_sew4fun handcrafts Collage

Instagram: jo_sew4fun


Snapchat: Jo_sew4fun

7. MZN Body Care Products: Body care products handmade to give your skin the luxury treatment it deserves.

MZN Body Care Products

Instagram: mznbodycare


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