Google Apps for Ramadan

Play Store


How to use it: Visit the Play Store where you will find groups of apps most useful during Ramadan.


One group of apps help you

Google Photos


How to use it: You now have unlimited storage space for all your photos, which you can access from any phone, tablet, or desktop. Organize your pictures using the Albums feature and easily share it with anyone by simply sending them a link to your album.


After your guests have left, simply start an album on your Photos app and share the link with whomever you want. You can also enable them to upload their own pictures to the album.

Google Maps


Find new places

How to use it:

Search for your destination and you will get the different routes and methods that will get you there in the shortest amount of time.


Inviting people over for Iftar at your home for the first time and worrying about whether your party of 7 will know how to get to your place on time, and without getting lost, is no longer an issue. Simply send them your location on Google maps and let the app show them the best route to your house.

Google Calendar


Plan your days

How to use it: Create events, reminders, or even goals on your Google Calendar to keep up with the many invitations you get during Ramadan.


Plug an invitation and its details into the Calendar app and you’ll be reminded of where you need to be and when. You can also invite people through your Calendar by simply plugging their emails in an event you created and the app will take care of reminding them, like a personal assistant.

The Google App


Your personal assistant (just swipe left on Android)

How to use it:

If you are using an Android operating system, simply swipe left (Arabic) or right (English) to immediately access your Google app. Once there, you’ll find a search bar ready for your query, your upcoming events on your schedule, news, and relevant information personalized based on your Calendar.


Whether you’re unsure what time you should break your fast in the city you’re in or looking up hotels for your eid break, the answers you’re looking for are now closer than ever with the Google app.



Ramadan entertainment, whenever and wherever you want it

Missed the fourth episode of that Ramadan seriesyou have been watching because you were caught up with post-Iftar cleaning? Catch it on YouTube, in high quality, a few hours after it has been uploaded by its creator. Not sure whether you should grill or roast your eggplant for that Moutabal, find the recipe on Youtube and save your party the agony of burnt food.

Also, some of the region’s brightest, funniest, and most creative dwell on YouTube. And they’re rolling out special content for Ramadan.

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