Go With the Flow

Viva agua this summer!

Summer is here! And we all want to escape the heat. So explore the variety of water-based activities in Saudi Arabia. From private and public beaches to hidden waterfalls and rivers. It will surely keep you, your family, and your friends entertained all summer long!

Navigate through our list of must-do activities that will make you fall in love with water all over again.


While Riyadh is not a coastal city; you can still enjoy the many resorts available that allow you to feel as if you’re right by the sea.



  • The Valley Resort
    Location: Wadi Laban
    Tel: +966-555071601
    Instagram: thevalleyresort
  • The Cliff Resort
    Location: Waseel Road, Riyadh 1392
    Tel: +966- 557222876


Yanbu is known for its sandy beaches, grassy parks, and coastal activities. It’s a great place to check out natural waters, and experience beautiful resorts.



  • Mövenpick Hotel & Resort
    The unique location, ingenious design, and magnificent view are just a few features to complement the comfort and hospitality Yanbu’s only 5-star hotel in Royal Commission area.

Public Beaches

  • Yanbu Al Bahr Beach
    With fantastic views of the Red Sea, and activities including horseback riding and water sports such as sailing and scuba diving, the Yanbu Al Bahr Beach is a great spot for either relaxing with a picnic or experiencing an adrenaline rush.
  • Yanbu Waterfront
    A local favorite, the Yanbu Waterfront is clean and relaxing with playground facilities and various food and snacks shacks. Its is a great place to have a picnic and a dip in the sea.


Frequently described as the ‘Pearl of Resorts’ and the ‘Garden of Hijaz,’ the Al Baha region is one of Saudi Arabia’s prime tourist destinations due to its cool climate, rich heritage, and around 40 forests. Al Baha is also known for its beautiful and serene waterfall that you can visit all year round.

  • Khairah Forest Waterfall
    Khairah Waterfall is said to travel through a two-kilometer valley towards stunning lakes below that attract visitors from across the region.


The Asir region is a beautiful area of the country, known for its stunning landscapes, breathtaking views, and nature. Among these are hidden water sources that are excellent for all explorers and wanderers.

  • Al Dahna Waterfall
    One of the most prominent and permanent sources of fresh water in the country is Tanomah, which lies in the south of the Asir region. The Waterfall flows consistently throughout the year, which is a rare occurrence in Saudi. Bask in the resulting beautiful landscapes that surround the serene waterfall.
  • King Fahd Dam
    Located in Bishah is the biggest dam in Saudi Arabia, with a capacity of 325 million cubic meters. The dam is a great visit to Bishah to witness a stunning and immense man-made wonder.


  • Boat trips & island hopping
    With more than 100 islands surrounding the city of Umluj, take a day trip on a boat to explore all the glorious sites and exciting adventures of the islands. Snorkel, fish, or even dive around the islands’ alluring azure waters.

Al Ahsa

  • Natural springs
    Make sure to visit the over 100 natural springs available in the region, which include the famous sites of Al Jawhariah, Um Sab’ah, and Al Khodoud Springs. Take a dip and benefit from its therapeutic waters, which you can even drink.
  • Yellow Lake
    Despite the slight difficulty of reaching it, the Yellow Lake of Al Ahsa is a beautiful wetland shallow lake surrounded by dunes. Enjoy a picnic on the shore, and be on the lookout for some of the region’s most spectacular wildlife.

An SUV is essential due to the lack of smooth roads nearby. Hire a guide for the best experience.

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