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Glamping: Guide to the Great Fancy Outdoors

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By Amal Shaikh
You may or may not have heard of glamping before. If you haven’t, fear not! We are here to tell you all about it. ‘Glamping’ is exactly what it sounds like: glamorous camping.

You may be wondering: “How on earth can camping possibly be glamorous? Isn’t the point of camping roughing it? Doesn’t camping include living simply and braving nature without using any modern amenities?” The answer to that is simple; yes, that is what camping is. However, glamping is something else.

If you’re anything like myself, you’ll absolutely love the outside but despise being without any modern amenities. This is what makes glamping so fantastic. It allows you to get in touch with nature without sacrificing comfort.

Let’s get into the differences between camping and glamping:

  1. Where You Stay

When you camp, you’ll probably pitch a tent (something that would take a person like me hours to set up) and place a few sleeping bags in it. It won’t be the most spacious or comfortable of things, but it’ll get the job done.

When you glamp, you’ll stay in a luxury yurt, tipi, or tent. It’ll probably be quite large and spacious. It will also be equipped with electricity and running water. A comfortable bed is also part of the deal.

  1. Bathroom Facilities

Answering nature’s call isn’t the greatest when you camp; showering isn’t the easiest either. Nature doesn’t provide you with modern bathrooms, unfortunately.

You’ll have a fully functional bathroom when you glamp. Toilets, showers and sinks are all available. Not to mention heated, running water. Getting clean will be the last worry on your mind.

  1. Food

If you decide to camp, gather some firewood and get a campfire going. Cook up some burgers and finish with s’mores and hot chocolate. You’ll have to take measures to make sure your food supply does not spoil whilst you’re there.

If you decide to go the glamping route, you will still be able to make s’mores and hot chocolate. The difference is that you won’t need to scavenge for firewood as there will be a supply of firewood already there. You will also have a full size grill to cook your burgers and hot dogs on. The spoiling of food won’t be an issue as you will be provided with a fridge.

  1. Braving the Elements

With traditional camping, a fire is one of the ways you can keep warm. You can also layer your clothes or bundle up with some blankets. The only way to keep cool is to wear light, airy clothes.

With glamping, you will have a central heating/cooling system that will keep you comfortable.

  1. Water

If you decide to go camping, you’ll have to bring a supply of clean water with you. If you manage to find water at your campsite, it’ll have to be boiled to make sure that it is safe for consumption.

If you decide to go glamping, clean, filtered, running water will be provided on site.

  1. Getting in Contact with Nature

You will be getting in contact with nature regardless of whether you go camping or glamping.

Camping isn’t for everyone, but the introduction of glamping makes being outdoors easier and more enjoyable for people like me. Glamping manages to solve most the problems of camping whilst maintaining all the benefits.

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