Giordano Fall/Winter Collection


Giordano’s new collection is here! The Fall/Winter collection from Giordano brings forward a selection of items perfectly curated for the season. From hoodies, to jackets, shirts and more, their stylish designs will accommodate your fashion style and keep you warm and cozy during the Fall and Winter.

For the release of the new collection, Giordano organized a fashion show in their newly renovated shop in Red Sea Mall, located on the lower ground floor near the infamous fountain. The models walked on the runway showcasing Giordano’s collection while the music was bustling all over the mall, attracting many curious people to come check it out.


After the show, the shop set up a wheel of prizes where people had a chance to spin the wheel and win different prizes from Giordano. Both kids and adults were interested to try their luck and win the prizes.



Finally, in celebration of the new collection, Giordano’s sale offers are attractive to anyone looking to shop for new clothes. They have a buy one get one free on many items. Make sure to pass by before it’s too late.untitled-design-5

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