How To Get Over The Sunday Blues

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The weekend just flies by so fast and we don’t like that!

However, c’est la vie. So, here are a few things to do so the dreaded Sunday is more tolerable.

  • Instead of making your usual cup of coffee at work; try getting your coffee from one of the cafés around town. Maybe even order something new or add a twist to your usual order.
  • Look good, dress up, or even add a new accessory to your outfit. Not only will it make you look fabulous, but it will also get you compliments and who doesn’t like those?
  • Actually focus on the assignment, on hand, at work. You will be surprised how fast time flies by, when you actually get work done.
  • Take a walk around the office… just to stretch.
  • Watch funny videos during your break; they will put a smile on your face and will stop you feeling like your soul is being sucked out of your body.
  • Have a fruit or a piece of candy every once in a while; food is there for you!
  • Your headphones are your best friends. So put them on blast when you feel bored.
  • Text your best friend -who doesn’t work with you- to rant and vent if your day is not going so smoothly as it should be.
  • Plan something after work; this will keep you motivated throughout the entire day.

Comment below and tell us how you combat the Sunday downers.

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