Get Pretty!

By Norah Al Eisa

Noticeably better skin with these tricks.


Cucumber is used in exfoliating masks for its tightening effects. It is used in these buffing biscuits along with green tea extract to tone and soften the skin.

Tea Cucumber Facial Buffing Biscuits, FarmHouse Fresh

Available at The Full Drawer in Al Rashid Mall

Tea Tree Oil:

BeautyProducts_Sharqiya_2016_TS-2While tea tree oil is extracted from tea leaves, it’s technically not edible but we’ll include it in this list for its powerful antibacterial and healing effects on the skin. Tea tree oil is used here as a main ingredient in a purifying that can cleanse your skin without any over drying.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask

Available at The Body Shop


BeautyProducts_Sharqiya_2016_TS-15Who would’ve guessed chocolate could be so beneficial to the skin? In this facemask, it’s mixed with coconut milk and honey to soften and revitalize the skin.

Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask, FarmHouse Fresh

Available at The Full Drawer in Al Rashid Mall


BeautyProducts_Sharqiya_2016_TS-11Honey needs no introduction when it comes to skin benefiting foods, but this product in particular uses honey as its main ingredient for an instant pedicure! Use it on your heels and toes for moisturized, ashy-free feet.

Honey Heel Glaze, FarmHouse Fresh

Available at The Full Drawer in Al Rashid Mall

Papaya, Lemon, and Avocado:

BeautyProducts_Sharqiya_2016_TS-27The perfect combination of skin benefiting fruits for oily to combination skin. While the papaya and lemon’s citrusy goodness get rid of excess oils, the avocado works on nourishing and rejuvenating your skin for a greasy free, moisturized face.

Enzymion Facial Moisturizer

Available at Lush


BeautyProducts_Sharqiya_2016_TS-24Almond’s ultra softening qualities and relaxing scent makes it the perfect choice for a main ingredient in hand creams.

Almond Hand and Nail Cream

Available at The Body Shop

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