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Games, entertainment, and food right at your Doorstep

By Ghada Al-Omran

We’ve put together a list of businesses that bring their services right to your doorstep. This roundup is the perfect companion to the lazy couch potato in all of us.


  • Saudi Deal, is a card game in which if you gain the most lands (depending on the players) with 3 or 5 set wins.
  • Badoon Klam (Without Words), is a game that sets two different generations into action with examples from each generation that is explained through acting.
  • Gool bs la tgool (Say But Don’t Say), the game basically is composed of two teams each team has a deck of cards to solve its similar to charades each team member has to act out the card without saying what it is i think each team has a specific color to solve and there is action cards you could use to prevent the opposite team from playing or giving them a specific rules that restricts them from playing in the other round.

You can find more games in JARIR bookstores, Virgin Megastore, or this website

Create an Open Air Cinema to watch with family and friends

Instagram: Cinemabitek

Whatsapp: +966590086155

Get a Photobooth for capturing the monumental times

photobooth 1437-10-14 at 11

Instagram: Snaptastic_Riyadh_Photobooth

Number: +966552882988


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Rent a Truck

Decoration & Desserts

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