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A Fusion of Flavors at Riyadh Marriott Hotel

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This year, Riyadh Marriott Hotel celebrates in the capital city of Riyadh the advent of the holy month of Ramadan by providing special Iftar party in the Mosaic restaurant. Guests are invited to enjoy Arabian and international cuisine prepared by chefs with vast experiences in preparing Ramadan meals including original Najd, oriental and international dishes in Ramadan atmosphere and spirits.

Head of Sales and Marketing at Riyadh Marriott Hotel Ayman Salam said preparations   for the holy of Ramadan   began early and that chefs of the mosaic restaurant are ready to provide exceptional experience for our guests in this holy month ranging from Arabian and international dishes that meet specifications and quality of Marriott hotels while keeping the original Najd taste.

The menu consists of the best types of food produced by the Arabian and European civilizations for the preparation of the luxurious and best dishes, which have been carefully cooked and served.

General Manager of Riyadh Marriott Hotel, Muin Sarhan expressed hope of the Marriott Hotel Group, credited with special secrecy and beauty through the cultural diversity,   to provide an added value in the hotel sector in Riyadh.

Riyadh Marriott provides a variety of services combining business and leisure through three hotels designed for different categories of travelers who seek to experience multiple winning prize services and unique Arabian hospitality, he said.

“The hotel group is looking forward to benefiting from    Saudi Arabia’s plans to enhance its position as a destination for business in its capacity as the world’s first oil destination as well as the religious tourism. The capital city of Riyadh is a busy city with business, shopping malls, cultural and recreational centers with events and festivals conducted on yearly basis,” he said. This, he said, has led Riyadh Marriott to prepare a team of specialists to undertake the organization of conferences and events with suitable experiences to ensure that events will run smoothly and successfully.

Riyadh Marriott has also prepared a group of internationally trained chefs to help choose classic western menus that complement and balance between exotic taste and visual beauty. The team provides services giving all attention to every detail of these occasions in light of fierce competition in the capital city of Riyadh by introducing a new model in the sector.

Riyadh Marriott is a mega landmark in Riyadh where it was established in 1980 as the first Marriott hotel in the Middle East and was fully renovated by 2014. It is located in the heart of a vibrant business center amid a series of famous landmarks in Riyadh. It offers excellent hospitality services and harbors a conference center which has won many prizes. It also provides a traveler with business and leisure during his stay in Riyadh.

On the other hand, the Riyadh Marriott Hotel adds a special taste to the originality of Saudi and Arabian traditions by raising the level of employees’ handling with guests. The warm welcome of the guests and the invited makes all details different when it comes to hospitality and originality of Marriott and its prestigious position. In all details, guests will feel precision in the organization ranging from comfortable furniture, colors that are appropriate to lines and touches of décor satisfying all tastes and desires.

Riyadh Marriott has also boosted its presence when it’s    “Terrace Grill” restaurant won the best restaurant award in MENA countries in serving meat steaks and meatballs as well as a variety of delicious seafood cooked and served by a professional team.

The “Terrace Grill” restaurant is located in the lobby of the hotel and can accommodate up to 110 persons. The restaurant, which combines all unique designs, offers separate rooms for families or businessmen. While seated in the restaurant, guests can enjoy watching chefs as they prepare food through the open kitchen on the restaurant. The “Terrace Grill” restaurant is considered one of the most prestigious restaurants in Riyadh in serving grilled meat and, therefore, has become the suitable place for the business community, family meetings and private dinner.

Head of Sales and Marketing at Riyadh Marriott Hotel Ayman Salam says the hotel has become an ideal location for the next generations coming to Saudi Arabia by offering unique services and arrangements covering everything from the major ceremony of the party and associated details. It offers a different style that gives a different look to the guests coming from all parts of the world. The “Marriott Customer Honoring Week” supported this concept.  The Riyadh Marriott joined local community in its different activities.

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