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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Fun Activities for Teenage Boys in Jeddah

Fun Activities for Teenage Boys in Jeddah
If you happen to be a teenage boy living in Jeddah and looking to relive the glory of summer, we have got you covered. Here are a few activities for that adrenaline rush you want.


Running around drenched in paint and trying to shoot the opposing team, what can be better? Grab your friends and head to Saudi Paintball where you will see the world in color, probably because your eye wear will be swiped with paint.

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  • Price: SR 200 per player
  • Time: 2 rounds for 1 hour
  • Recharge: 50 for 100 bullets

Gear is provided, only bring your own shoes. Make sure they are comfy!

  • Mob: +966-568988547
  • Location: Al Kayal St., Rawdah Dist.


We all know how cool kart racers are, so what if you can live just a tiny bit of that thrill right here in the city? In10So is the place for you to be.

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  • Price: starting from about SR 100

In10So also offers other activities such as laser tag, bowling, billiard and a 7D movie theater.

  • Tel: +966-12-2844991
  • Location: Mega Mall and Red Sea Mall

Water Sports

Living in Jeddah has its perks. Because of its wonderful location along the Red Sea, the city offers a wide range of water activities. So gear up and into the water you go!

  • Desert Sea Divers can help you out with your water adventure. Boat trip every Friday and Saturday.
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  • Price: SR 250
  • Time: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Activities: Swimming + Snorkeling + Meal

*Diving activities are available for professional divers.

  • Marsa Al Ahlam is also the perfect destination for fun sea time.
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  • Price: Jet Ski Rentals starting from SR 500 per hour
  • Jet Boat Rentals: from SR 1,000 takes up to 5 people
  • Boat Rentals: SR 350 per hour
  • Tel: 012-4209590
  • Location: Southern Obhur Corniche

Al Batoul Marine is your place to go if you are looking to actually buy water equipment, especially cool stuff like fly boards, water blobs or jet packs. Although these maybe a bit expensive for you allowance, you can always save up or ask for those as your birthday gift. Flyboards start from SR 12,000 Hoverboards start from SR 10,000.

Desert Safari

Take advantage of the desert around you and hop onto a safari with your friends. You will be able to change the concept you have of a desert just being a boring place with lots of sand.

During your desert safari, you can go on buggy rides or go dune-bashing in 4×4 vehicles. Why not try sand boarding while you are at it too?

You are bound to have tons of fun and lots of great photos for Instagram.

  • Saudi Sun Tour offers great desert trips!
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  • Price: SR 585 (price differs on days other than Sunday)
  • Activities: Sand bashing in 4x4 Vehicles + Bedouin style gatherings+ Meal
  • Saudi Tamashi offers a wonderful range of desert safari activities including sand boarding and drifting.
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  • Price: SR 500 (ages 5-12 SR 250)
  • Activities: Sand boarding + Drifting + Transportation +Meal
  • Mob: 0503636636
  • Instagram: @sauditamashi
  • Location: Camp is in Dahban
Leave the fun of the virtual world behind and delve deep into the real one.


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