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From Classics To Unique Blends: A Guide To Riyadh’s Best Juice Shops

Try out one of Dhahia's amazing Juices!

Confused on where to try the most refreshing and delicious fresh juices in Riyadh? Worry not, Destination has accumulated a list of some of the well known juice spots in the city which are guaranteed to beat the heat on a warm summer’s day. From the classic juices such as orange and apple, to creative mixtures such as Carrot, Apple and Ginger or Avocado, Banana and Strawberry, it’s all there and so much more.


Farghali Juice

One of a kind and listed as one of the most well-known juice spots, Farghali Juice has been around for the longest time and offers some of the tastiest juices. With many different mixtures and flavors, Farghali is especially loved for its Avocado juice. 

Instagram: farghalifruits

Location: Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi St, Al Olaya

Tel: +966-112160140


50 Fruits 

Old but gold. 50 Fruits is one for the books, having won the hearts of both the older and younger generations and carrying the classic aesthetic of hanging fruits on their ceilings. Something that the locals agree on for 50 Fruits is the pair as old as time, shawarma with fresh juice. 

Instagram: 50fruitsksa

Location: Dammam Rd

Tel: +966-598904102


Signature is where all the current buzz is at. Specializing in crafting unique and creative juice mixtures, the shop focuses not only on the quality of their juices, but the presentation as well. The way they layer their juices is what makes them a hit. They are not available all over Saudi.

Instagram: signature_jf

Location: King Abdulaziz Branch Rd

Tel: +966-920004793

Mango Juice

As the name suggests, the star of the place is surely mango, but worry not, it isn’t the only flavor offered at the shop. A close second to the mango would be their sweet melon smoothie, the perfect option for the summer.

Instagram: mangojuice_ry

Location: Al Khurais Rd

Tel: +966-555226049

Juicery Street:

Juicery Street is a vibrant shop offering fresh and nourishing juices. With a commitment to quality ingredients and a welcoming atmosphere, they provide a refreshing experience. When ordering a juice, you can ask them to add fresh fruits as a garnish to your drink.

Instagram: juicery.street

Location: Anas ibn Malik Rd. Al Malqa

Tel: +966-566896686

Dhahia Juice

Blended smoothies, delicious mixtures, or just a classic orange juice, Dhahia has it all and so much more. Located amidst the busy streets of Riyadh, many visit the shop for their juices and fruit cups and sandwiches that go superbly with their juices. 

Instagram: dhahia_juiceksa

Location: King Abdullah Branch Rd

Tel: +966-920021978

Juice Time 

Your typical juices but with a twist, Juice Time has all the eminent juices alongside ones you can top with however many fruits you want.

Instagram: juicetimeksa

Location: Prince Muqrin Ibn Avdulaziz St.

Tel: +966-502605754

Juice Day

From fruit salads, to milkshakes, and most importantly fresh juice, Juice Day has your cravings covered. When trying to beat the scorching summer heat of Riyadh, a nice and cold juice will go.a long way. Juice day will provide you with everything you need to feel refreshed and satisfied.

Instagram: juicedaysa

Location: Az Zubair Ib Al Awam, Ar Rawabi


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