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From Classic To Unique Blends: A Guide To Jeddah’s Best Juice Shops

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With summer’s arrival, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind would be looking for a way to stay cool and refreshed, and what better way to stay refreshed than with a glass of ice cold fresh juice? Thus, we at Destinations compiled a list of some the leading and revitalizing juices that can be found amidst the busy streets of Jeddah.


Signature juices

Signature is a unique juice shop specialising in crafting bespoke juice mixtures from various delicious and exotic fruits. The shop is passionate about creating juices that go beyond simple appearances by using creative mixing and matching techniques

Instagram: signature_jf

Location: King Abdul Aziz Rd, Ash Shati

Tel: 920004793

The Shaker

The Shaker is a juice shop based in Saudi Arabia that offers a variety of fresh and healthy juice blends made from natural fruits and vegetables.In addition to classic juice options, The Shaker also offers unique and exotic flavors such as dragonfruit and passionfruit.

Instagram: theshaker_sa

Location: Ahmad Al Attas, AZ Zahra District

Tel: +966-126911300

Juice Time

If you’re looking for a juice shop that takes things to the next level, then Juice Time is the place for you. They specialize in creating unique blends that are not only delicious but also healthy. From refreshing green juices to indulgent fruit smoothies, they have something for everyone.

Instagram: juicetimeksa

Location: Prince Sultan Rd

Tel: +966-556198636

Juice World

Juice World is a famous juice shop that has been serving delicious juices to Jeddah’s residents for years. They offer many options, from classic fruit juices to more adventurous blends. Their juices use only the freshest ingredients, and they always have a rotating selection of seasonal juices to try.

Instagram: juiceworld_ksa

Locations: Hira St, Al Zahra Dist.

Tel: +966-581644068

Fruit Tree

Fruit Tree SA is a delightful destination for fruit lovers. Their offerings of fresh and luscious fruits, beautiful arranged, showcase a vibrant range of flavors and colors. From juicy watermelons to vibrant citrus, Fruit Tree SA inspires a healthy and delicious lifestyle

Instagram: fruittreesa

Location: Saqer Qouraish, As Salamah



Zumo, which means “juice” in Spanish, is a popular juice shop originally from Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The shop offers various fresh and healthy juice blends made with natural fruits and vegetables. The shop also offers affordable prices and friendly customer service.

Instagram: zumoksaa

Location: Ahmad Al Attas.

Tel: +966-554696997

Juice Beach

Juice Beach is a juice shop located on the Corniche in Jeddah. The shop offers a variety of fresh juices and fruit salads


Location: Corniche, Al Shati

Tel: +966-568030489

Farghaly Juices

Farghaly Juices is a juice shop you’ll find across Saudi Arabia. Considered an OG in Riyadh, they offer fresh, healthy juice blends made from natural fruits and vegetables. They are known for using high-quality, fresh ingredients to create delicious drinks and offer a menu of classic flavors.

Location: AR Rawdah Dist.

Tel: +966-565752309

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