Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Fresh Flavors

Fresh Flavors

Our pick of the freshest, newest, and most special Ice Cream Saudi offers.

Nothing beats the gratification of an ice cream cone on a scorching summer day, especially when served with a mind blowing flavor or inst-worthy look. These cool delights will leave you feeling refreshed and impressed.




Bake N Take
Baked goods with a dollop of ice cream, we say yes to this affair. The baked treats range from classic chocolate chip cookies to french toast.

Location: Prince Bandar St., Al Khobar Al Shamaliyah
Instagram: bakentakeksa





Local favorites transformed into exciting ice cream such as Shani, Chips Oman and Hello Panda Cookies flavors. Which you can eat out of the original packaging!

Straw also has a variety of juices and smoothies!

Location: A Damman, Al Nazhah Dist.



Boba and ice cream, check. Get motivated with their mixed berry, mango, and blackberry ice creams. Everything you need to beat the heat.

Location: Prince Turki St., Khobar



With soft serve ice cream, taiyaki waffle options, and what Branch calls ‘steak’ style ice cream, which are ice creams on a stick, their range of ice cream is unmissable as the hot months roll in make sure to head to Branch to get a delicious cone or two.

MUST-TRY FLAVORS: Blue Sky and Salted Caramel

Location:    Alaziziyah, Dammam



Along with their aesthetically pleasing interior, at Breez, you can also find teddy bear-shaped ice alongside their tropical flavors of ice cream, desserts and drinks, such as their colorful mojitos and iced coffee and more.

Location:   Khobar Corniche



An impeccably cute way to get your next brain freeze. Corno is a unique take on refreshing ice cream with even quirkier names for its animal-shaped ice creams on cones. Take your pick from ‘Shico’, ‘Mono’, ‘Tosho’ and ‘Jino’! to name a few.

Location:   Al Khobar City

The Chimny


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