For the Love of the Va-Va-Voom

By Yasir Malak
What do you mean, in a relationship with your car?!

It is said that love is blind. Mainly because sometimes this attachment can be irrational and foolish, but then this emotion, that scientists factually describe as nothing more than an acute chemical reaction in the brain, drives -pun intended- countless episodes of mental preoccupation, anxiety, distress, and on those good days, boundless euphoria.

Naturally this is no different when it comes to the love of cars. Petrol-heads and grease-monkeys are some of the terms that motoring enthusiasts use to endearingly refer to one another, even when the rest of the world would prefer to just call them nuts, which is fine, since car lovers pride themselves in being ostracized by what they view as mundane members of the general public. Young ones would find no offence in being labeled “majnoon” (crazy) if it came to the love of cars.


Social isolation aside, love of cars is also a significant commitment. Financially, cars typically represent the second largest expense item in your lifetime, topped only by the purchase of real estate. Add insurance, maintenance and upkeep, innumerable cleaning materials and detailing visits; the numbers start piling fast. That is nothing, compared to the emotional investment car lovers make in their beloved vehicles; as no amount of money can soothe the heartache caused by an inconsiderately caused door-ding or a jolting drop in the numerous potholes scattered across the city.

To explain this resolute bond would be as pointless as a broken pencil. There is no logical cause and effect analysis that would justify being in love with what simplistically is a machine. There is absolutely no sensible explanation for the countless hours spent on the road with nowhere to go.

Ultimately, you are either a car person, or you are not. It is an innate passion motivated by the freedom of mobility and the search for adventure. On any given weekend, Atallah Center, Corniche is jam-packed with motoring aficionados and fans from all subsets, cultures and backgrounds gathered for the sole purpose; relishing their vehicles.

Jeddawis are lucky to have such a beautiful seaside and nearby summer resort city of Taif and numerous branching roads to the east of Asfan that offer exemplary motoring opportunities. Quintessentially, motoring passion transcends social and economic classes, uniting enthusiasts to collaboratively pursue this love of adventure and adrenalin.

If you think that is nuts, we are ok with it.

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