Five common mistakes done in interviews in Saudi

by Maryam Hashmi

1- Showing up late: Showing up even a few minutes late might signal the employer that you have no regard for their schedule or time and it may give the impression that you are inclined to be sluggish.

2- Failing to Research A Company: Learning about the perspective company before the interview is vital. If you fail to do enough research about the potential Employer it creates an unprofessional image & reflects on the overall interview.

3- Eye-Contact & Body language: Maintaining proper body language is essential as it has a huge impact on the way interviewers view your skills, confidence and competence. Poor body posture includes not paying attention, avoiding eye contact, not sitting properly, or fidgeting.

4- Asking about Salary: Avoid asking about the salary and benefits unless the interviewer himself doesn’t bring it up. You don’t want the employer to think that all you are interested in is how much they pay.

5- Answering your Cell Phone: It is considered rude and unprofessional to answer your cell phone in the middle of an interview. You need to switch it off before you go in for the interview and keep it away so even on silent it doesn’t distract you.


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