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Feel Turkish With Turkuoise

Classic Turkish decor

The see-through glass grill room

The see-through glass grill room

Turkuoise is blending history and culture with a fresh outlook and a savory cuisine. The Turkish restaurant is now more than ready to introduce you to its cultural essence, lively ambience and high quality food. It meets everyone’s preferences by fusing the modern with the traditional.


Turkey was the trading place for the turquoise stone, which is one of the oldest gems in the world. The French called Turkey Turkuoise in the past. Everything the restaurant encompasses from the name, designs to logo and décor, was attained in-house with the entire team collaborating to stay true to the Turkish essence. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be in awe at its wonderful and vibrant atmosphere.


The skyline of Istanbul decorating the glass is the first thing to give you a feel of the Turkish experience you are about to embark on. Hanging from the ceiling above each table is a big lamp in no other color but turquoise. The bright color adds more magic to the setting and the lampshades even look like Osmani turbans.




All the decorations complement the historical and cultural aspects of the restaurant. Wall hangings across the restaurant are all of the renowned Islamic Turkish engravings; they range from ceramic plates to wallpapers and frames. Luxury at Turkuoise doesn’t stop at the decoration; it is even embodied in the handmade and gold plated serving dishes.





1921Turkuoise will not only engulf you in the true ambience of Turkey, but will offer you Turkish food that is high in quality and freshness as well as delicious in flavor. The restaurant is very keen on hygiene; it even contains a glass partition overlooking the kitchen so you can enjoy watching your meal being prepared.


Turkuoise is waiting for you to experience Turkey right here in Jeddah so it can take you on an unforgettable journey where you can make wonderful memories.


Ramadan Iftar Offer SR 140 per person and SR 70 for children under 12.

20Location: Rawdah St., Boulevard building between Takhassusi Hospital and Sultan St.
Tel: +966-12-6832276 / +966-12-6832128

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