Feel Pretty in Pink at Paplo’s

Paplo’s is a new addition to the plethora of exciting and pleasing eateries in Jeddah. As you step into this aesthetic spot, you are overwhelmed with not only its visible contemporary interior ambiance but the aromas from their kitchen flow into the room and grab your attention even before you have a seat.

The menu comprises a collection of Italian flavors from salads to pizzas and even delicious pasta dishes. However, when it comes to Desserts, the restaurant currently has only one on their menu that’s a creamy and decadent Tiramusu.

Destination Tries!

First up, APPETIZERS! The GAMBAS starter embraced the shrimp drenched in a rich yet creamy sauce. The classic, Arancini; an Italian deep-fried rice ball fried up to perfection as it lands on our table.

6e27930d-0843-4553-80e0-8eb244b907a8-copyBring in the main! For the main dishes, The Authentic Pizza, Baked Lasagna, Truffle Rigatoni and Pesto Pasta were exceptional in their own right.

Dear Margherita, you made our day! The Authentic Margherita Pizza was a perfect balance of sweet and savory, with a tomato sauce with subtle candy-like hints bringing joy to our hearts!

f07c1d20-d414-4fbe-9866-c8a38ce42195-copyPasta la vista, baby! The Pesto Pasta, abundant in flavors, brought to us just the way we like it. Second up, The Baked Lasagna, although delicious yet a bit underwhelming with its small portion. But, dear Lasagna, we were not done yet!

The more Truffle, the better! The Truffle Rigatoni was what stood out the most, with its earthy truffle flavor coupled with the light creamy sauce that exceeded expectations to the max!

5321f7a6-9b12-4156-824f-c694ac1ea510-copyAlmost too sweet to share! For dessert, the Tiramisu did not disappoint, as its creaminess was just the right amount accompanied with the typical Tiramisu coffee flavor.

P.S. Paplo’s, We will be back soon!

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