Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Feast Your Eyes

Feast Your Eyes

By Gadah Al Omran and Sultana Al Attas

Top 10 local food accounts that make us go YUM!


Eventastic Catering

Everyone asks about Eventastic Catering’s special sauce. The way they incorporate it with their food and customers is wonderful. Just one look at their burgers and crepes and you would want to endlessly munch away.

Instagram: eventasticcatering

Shawarma Basha

Finding Sushi
Finding Sushi

Shawarma Basha is great for shawarma-lovers any time they desire. Their account shares the delicious shawarma they make in addition to the mouth-watering shawrama plate.

Instagram: shawarma_sa

Finding Sushi

114Finding Sushi was established by hard working, motivated women who aim to conquer the gourmet world in Saudi Arabia. Their account allows followers to have a glimpse of the delicious sushi they offer and the opportunity to check out reviews through the comments.

Instagram: findingsushi


Leena’s CakesScreen-Shot-2016-07-21-at-11.10.55-AM

Leena’s Cakes, what more can you want from a beautifully crafted cake melting in your mouth? Especially if it is done the home-cooked way. Her most requested cake is the red velvet and the mahalabiya cheesecake.

Instagram: leena_cakes

Monalisa Cakes

Screen-Shot-2016-07-21-at-11.15.22-AMMonalisa Cakes has a creative outlook on the designs and does it with steadiness. Very nice! You want to eat every bit of it. She has the creative cotton candy cheesecake and people are head-over-heels over the cow candy cheesecake.

Instagram: monalisa_cake

Framboise & Olive

Screen-Shot-2016-07-21-at-11.24.34-AMFramboise & Olive have a unique approach on organizing the cakes and in conclusion makes us want to eat it all up. Get the tier berries cheesecake, you will love it!

Instagram: framboise_and_olive


Rabat Manzil

Rabat Manzil is a Saudi blogger named Tala Al Sahhaf who is known for her passion for food and dinner parties. Rabat Manzil’s Instagram account focuses on posting new food recipes, table settings and flower arrangements as well as sharing her party extravaganzas.

Instagram: rabatmanzil


Noura is one of the many Saudi bloggers who shares her opinion on delightful food and restaurants in Saudi by taking astonishing images and sharing them among her followers.

Instagram: noura_recommends

Nouf Albraheem

Nouf Albraheem’s instagram account focuses on not only sharing her food experience locally, but from all around the world. What’s amazing about Nouf’s Instagram account is her way of photographing the food. It makes her followers crave for food constantly.

Instagram: noufalbraheem


M.6a3m is an Instagram account that shares a wide range of delicious food and allows its followers to share their experiences with restaurants on by sending or tagging a photo.

Instagram: M.6A3M


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