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Fear the Fats and Eat Them Anyway

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By Coach Sara

Add butter to your morning coffee?

I’ve actually been a butter-lover for two years now ever since I read about it in a Time Magazine article titled “Eat Butter.” Yes, you read that right. In a world where fat is the enemy, and fat-free mayonnaise our bestie. But while this title may be distressful to many, it actually challenges some of our core beliefs and backs it up with research and common sense.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee is the invention of Dave Asprey, an entrepreneur and health blogger. It’s a blend of a combination of organic coffee, grass-fed butter and MCT oil (also called brain octane oil, made by processing coconut and palm kernel oils to change the chemical structure, making them more easily digested and absorbed).


Ideally, you want to have your bulletproof coffee for breakfast. This means you won’t have the usual protein, fiber and carb combo but you will be having nothing but caffeine and fat instead. Why? According to Asprey, you feel energized due to caffeine; we all know that but what about fat? Restricting carbohydrates will help your body burn fat for energy, suppress release of insulin which in return will maximize your body’s production of growth hormones. Fat will act as an appetite suppressant, which could help you eat less throughout the day and eventually lose weight.

But even with all these benefits, butter in your coffee does not sound very appetizing. I was intrigued enough to try it for myself.


My Experience

I ordered the bulletproof coffee, bulletproof brain octane oil, grass-fed butter and organic ghee. I would like to report that my butter was rejected by Saudi customs but that’s fine since I still had my ghee. The plan was to drink bulletproof coffee every morning for seven consecutive days.

Day one: I blended my French pressed coffee, brain octane oil and organic ghee. Smells delicious, looks weird and tastes strange. That cup of coffee was not my cup of tea. But I drank it anyway. Ten minutes into the drinking of the coffee, I noticed a shift in my mood. I caught myself humming Frank Sinatra on my way to work. “I Got You Under My Skin” with a little bit of a sway in the back seat of the car. But there was something wrong. Dave said I should see a foamy layer but my coffee was not foamy, it actually did not look like it blended pretty well.


By day two, I decided to add in butter instead of ghee. A girl must get her foam. Butter blended perfectly and the coffee tasted so much better, foam and all. But my conscious was killing me. I was using regular butter and even if it may still have some of the organic butter benefits, I couldn’t help but feel guilty adding it to my coffee. So for the rest of week I was alternating between regular coffee and organic ghee till day seven.

The Verdict: 100 percent better attention, concentration and satiety. Downside: it was hard to find the organic products.

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