Favorite Saudi Coffee Combinations

By Jou Pabalate and Mohammed Al Dughaishm
Photogrphy by Mohammed Al Dughaishm

The “winter” season may have drawed to a close but we in Riyadh love our hot drinks all year long. And we didn’t want to miss letting you in on one of favorite foodie affairs, the perfect marrying of local hot drinks with delectable treats.

Turkish Coffee

  • Traditional Desserts Turkish Delight and Burma Khadayif
  • Dark Chocolate Mint
  • Nuts
Did you know?
Turkish coffee is a local afternoon and after meal drink in KSA. It’s always served with water so you can cleanse your palette first and enjoy its bold taste to the fullest. The sweetness of the Turkish coffee can either be sada (no sugar), orta (medium) or one teaspoon of sugar, or sekerli very sweet or two teaspoons of sugar.

Latte by Mohammed Al Dughaishm

Café Lattes and Cappuccino
  • Classic – Brioche or Croissant
  • Fruity – Berries and Apricot
  • Cheese – Soft and light

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The Cheese Plate at Paul is a perfect combination with espresso and cream based hot drinks and we love their croissant. It’s a wannabe Parisian’s onestop shop.

Coffee by Mohammed Al Dughaishm

Espresso Shots
  • Rich – Chocolate fudge cake, dark chocolate to complement, white to subdue the strong tones of Arabica beans.
  • Creamy – Cream brulee, New York cheese cake
  • Fruity – Berries, oranges, don’t go for a fruit that’s too sour, it can overpower your espresso or leave a not so nice after taste.

Gahwa (Arabic Coffee)

  • Dates – Especially Al Khalass and Al Sukkari varieties
  • Basbosa
  • Baglawa
Did you know?
Gahwa is a traditional sign of generosity and hospitality stemming from the Bedouin culture. As much as possible, you should accept the first cup and some traditional Saudi homes do practice the odd number rule, you either drink one, three, or five cups. Don’t expect your finjan (cup) to be filled to the brim since it’s considered impolite to do so.

Tea by Moe

Tea We didn’t forget the tea-lovers among our readers but since there’s just a long list of tea varieties, here’s some combinations of the most popularly enjoyed ones in Saudi: 

  • Earl Grey tea with milk and a bite of a raspberry scone
  • Red tea with mint is warm and refreshing along with super sweet Middle Eastern delights like Baglawa and Kunafa.
  • Aromatic Jasmine tea is light yet flavorful and enjoyed best with Digestive or Gingersnap cookies.
  • Chai Karak (karak tea) is spicy, creamy and ohh sooo sweet! Best solely on its own or maybe with a rotti bun.

Let us know what your favorite coffee combinations are! Share your own foodie concoctions with us @DestinationRyd.

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