Farimont Riyadh Unveils AlMishraf Ramadan Tent by Ramzen

Renowned luxury & fashioned elegance collaborate to redefine hospitality during the holy month.

Marking the first Ramadan celebrations for the recently reopened luxury hotel, Fairmont Riyadh collaborates with renowned designer Abdulrahman Al-Romaizan to set a new standard of lavish Ramadan Experiences featuring Al-Mishraf as concept of the season which celebrates the heritage and geometric patterns of Islamic art. Guests are invited to celebrate the occasion and turn moments into memories with family and friends while experiencing authentic heritage and traditions.

Gathering for Iftar at Fairmont Riyadh:

Delve into the spirit of the season in the opulent Al-Mishraf Ramadan experience with your loved ones, and enjoy a selected array of local specialties and the season’s favored authentic dishes served on lavish buffet spreads and live cooking stations. Satiate your appetite with Hejazi oats and lamb soup, fattah live station, an array of hot & cold Lebanese mezzeh, Moroccan lamb-shank and prunes tagine, chicken freekeh, and a selection of international delicacies. Have your sweet ending with signature traditional pastries and desserts infused with finest local spices and aromas in the Arabic sweets corner, and have your palate amused with the tartness of fresh berries and homemade puddings and custards.

When: starting sunset to 8:30 pm.
Price: 395 SAR, VAT excluded.


Charming events and grandest of feelings at Fairmont Riyadh:
Opt for a night of muse during the holy month of Ramadan and spoil your guests and business associates with choice featuring a wide variety of regional delicacies promising a memorable private dining experience. Dining at Fairmont Riyadh offers an ultimate serene experience suitable of the spirits of the holy month, highlighted by finest details and signature service of Fairmont Hotels.

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