Family Activities to Enjoy

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Making time to spend together as a family in today’s fast-paced world can be challenging but equally important.

Take your family somewhere other than your favorite restaurant. Go out, have fun and take lots of photos.

Have Fun at The Corniche

  • Walk around while your kids skate or use their hover boards. Why not race them (you can let them win if you want)!
  • Get them all PinkBerry Froyo (in kid lingo that’s frozen yogurt), but let them choose their own flavors and toppings so they can be as creative as possible.
  • Nearby is the Fakieh Aquarium where you can take them for a tour of under the sea. You’ll be fascinated by all the sea life and creatures. Don’t forget the dolphin show after your tour. There are goodies and gift shops at the place, for memories’ sake.
  • Here’s another thing you can do at the Corniche, visit Al Shallal or Attalla and prepare to be thrilled. The amusement parks encompass all kinds of rides; ones for the risk takers and others for the weak of heart, so you will all enjoy your time. Al Shallal also an ice skating rink to give you a winter feel.

Parks & Recreation

  • If you’re more of the outdoor loving type, then have a picnic at one of the parks around the city. Al Rawdah Park is great for family barbecue and games. Amira Park, south of Jeddah, is also great for activities and they often organize events. However, the latter is only for women and children.
  • Encourage your family to put on their jogging shoes and go to walkways.Here’s a list of walkways you can go to and burn calories while having a grand time. A family workout is the best workout, or you know something like that.


Let’s go To The Beach… each, Let’s Go Get Away… ay

  • Jeddah has the best gift of all, beaches. So you better take advantage of that and go sail away. No really, you can go on sailing excursions especially if you visit places like these, Durrat Al Aroos, Silver Sands, Sheraton, Al Nakheel etc…
  • Apart from swimming there, you can all fish. Teach them patience, because that is a worthy life lesson.
  • Parasailing and jet skiing are also great ways to get your family moving.

Get Out Of The City

  • Sometimes you just need to take your family and relax somewhere away from the bustling of J-Town. Hiking trips with different organizations, such as Saudi Sun Tours, can be wonderful. Be sure you take your telescope for stargazing, now that is an experience!
  • Here’s something that involves eating, an activity every member of your family would like. Take your family to Dhahban, located between Jeddah and Makkah, to have fresh fish with the entire family. No place in Jeddah offers great fish as Dhahban.
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