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Falafel – Jeddah’s take on Egyptian street food

Falafel – Jeddah’s take on Egyptian street food

By Aishah Martin

Putting the crunch back into your breakfast.

It is believed that falafel originated during the days of the pharaohs and has been a popular dish in Egypt and the Middle East ever since. The name is thought to stem from the Arabic word for “spicy” – meffelfel.

I have found some gems for those seeking to enjoy falafel as a quick snack, over a catch up with friends or a sit down family breakfast.

Falafel is made from chickpeas or fava beans or a combination of both. Traditionally, the humble chickpea is the main ingredient and is mixed and flavored to produce the delectably delicious Falafel we know today. (viagra online)

  1. Amara – Their falafel, with its crispy golden-brown exterior, yet moist and flavourful inside, ensures the taste lingers long after the visit has passed.

Location: The Bellevue, Al Shati’ Dist.

  1. Labeeb – A casual dining restaurant offering good quality and generously sized mouth-watering balls of bliss. Coupled with tahini and Arabic bread, this is worth trying out.

Location: Tahlia, Opposite Danube Square

  1. Layla’s Gourmet –Their falafel comes in delicious oval-shaped mounds bursting with flavour served in mini-pita bread, individually wrapped in decorated aluminum foil.

Location: Al Andalus Dist.

  1. Tahina and Falafel – Ideal for an early on-the-run falafel snack at value for money and zesty taste all rolled up in shawarma style.

Location: Al Fitaihi St., Al Andalus Dist.

  1. Shobak –You can choose from brown dough in which to enjoy your scrumptious falafel sandwich without diminishing the taste or quality of the meal.

Location: Tahlia St., Shate’ Dist.

  1. Ghazi Al Hussaini

For traditional Egyptian falafel in sandwiches or in portions, this restaurant offers you the best of street food. At a cost of 3 pieces for SR 1, you will end up craving their falafel on a regular basis.

Location: Sari St. before Al Falak Roundabout

  1. Falafel

If you plan on stopping by this little street food restaurant, prepare to wait a bit as most locals head there in the morning for their breakfast. Warm insides and crunchy crusts are two aspects you will not get over.

Location: Al Rawdah St. on the corner just before Al Baik


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