Fahad Ayyad – Musician, Photographer and Much More

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By Rayan Khayat

Photographer Fahad Ayyad mostly works in his wood paneled, sound-proof, home-recording studio. His colorful collection of acoustic and electric guitars are perfectly aligned against a wall.

With comfy couches and dim lighting, it looks like a classic recording studio except that multi-talented Ayyad is switching gears from music to photography.

Both remain passions of his; he has installed large lighting fixtures placed high against the walls and an interesting variety of different props fill up the shelves and corners. It’s truly an atmosphere built for creativity.


Music has been a major inspiration for Ayyad’s work, he was in a band that stood out from the heavy metal Jeddah scene. His experiences led him to explore the use of images. Ayyad’s photographs clearly show a meticulous dedication to creating and achieving a certain picture he has in his mind. Ayyad’s photographs are of things that are out of place, hazy implausible situations that are almost dreamlike.

Like a perplexing collage that’s also slightly melancholic, perhaps of situations that only exist in the mind. Except they do for him, being so driven and resourceful. It could be a prop-laden story in his studio or more ambitious endeavors such as a challenging underwater adventure. It isn’t something the viewer always understands, but it is there to be seen and experienced thru Ayyad’s eyes.


Within the space of a few years, Ayyad had developed technically as a photographer. With his reliable Canon 1Ds Mark III, Ayyad has done personal requests, fashion spreads, and his ads are featured in the streets of Jeddah. Although usually hired for his technical skills, Ayyad prefers to be more involved. He would rather keep editing to a minimum and only what he can do in a dark room.

This dedication stems from his love of the art of photography, collecting vintage cameras and his dream of having a darkroom of his own. In the future, Ayyad is hoping to create videos. It will be exciting to see what he can create with his inventiveness and motivation to simultaneously use the two mediums he loves best…music and photography.

E-mail: info@FahadAyyad.com
Website: http://www.fahadayyad.com

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