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Exploring “Ras B Ras” with Malik Nejer and Abdulaziz Almuzain

"Ras B Ras" is brought to life by the talented team behind ‘Masameer County’ – creator and writer, Abdulaziz Almuzaini, and Saudi director, Malik Nejer

Prepare to immerse yourself in the enthralling realm of Saudi cinema as we engage in a dialogue with the dynamic duo responsible for the live-action film “Ras B Ras,” which translates to “Head to Head.”

In this exclusive interview, we had the privilege of connecting with Malik Nejer and Abdulaziz Almuzain, integral members of the creative force that birthed the renowned ‘Masameer County.’ Join us as we unveil the inner workings of their creative process, delve into their sources of inspiration, and gain insight into the motivations that have fueled the creation of this captivating cinematic creation.

Ras B Ras

Still from the movie Ras B Ras

Setting the Stage: Unveiling the Inspiration

We began by asking about the inspiration behind the story of the movie, Abdulaziz sets the tone by shedding light on their unique approach to discussing the film. “Let’s delve into the essence of the story before we dive into the intricacies,” he suggests, setting the stage for an exploration of the core inspirations that have fueled “Ras B Ras.” Throughout our dialogue, a recurring theme emerges – the belief that every narrative conceals a hidden layer.

He reveals a fascinating backstory – a sequence of four movies that paved the way for  “Ras B Ras.” His vision was clear – to craft a realm unrestricted by conventions, with a character at its heart that embodies delightful eccentricity. “It transcends the head-to-head concept,” he emphasized.

Character Evolution and Meticulous Craftsmanship

Moving on, we asked the movie makers about the characters and their evolution, to which Malik shared his joy in witnessing the evolution of characters, with a special nod to the enigmatic Zuher. “Character growth is the beating heart of the narrative,” Malik reflects, underlining the allure of character-driven storytelling.

Abdulaziz delves deeper, unveiling the meticulous craftsmanship woven into every frame. “It extends beyond characters,” he elaborates, highlighting the purposeful placement of objects – from cups to cars to guns. The dedication to functional aesthetics is apparent as he emphasizes the painstaking efforts invested in ensuring every element serves a distinct role.

Unlocking the Iconic Aesthetic

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as we explore the distinct visual style that defines “Ras B Ras.” Malik and Abdulaziz provide insights into their approach to creating an iconic look. “Masameer County’s influence is undeniable,” Malik shares, hinting at the wellspring of inspiration that fueled their creative choices. Abdulaziz expands on the notion, sharing how their goal was to juxtapose their fictional universe against the modern backdrop of Riyadh. The fusion of elements, including music reminiscent of the seventies and nods to the Spaghetti Western genre, is a foundation for the film’s visually striking allure.

Abdulaziz’s insights continue to flow, revealing the allure of nocturnal settings. “The magic often unfolds in the night,” he playfully remarks. As he paints a vivid picture of the film’s visual and thematic dimensions, the audience is left tantalized by the prospect of a truly immersive cinematic experience.

Malik Nejer on set

Message and Vision: A Colorful Leap Forward

The dialogue evolves, shifting towards the underlying message of “Ras B Ras.” Malik sheds light on a prevailing trend in recent cinema – an excess of negativity. He emphasizes the power of vibrant storytelling, positioning “Head to Head” as a bold leap forward, heralding a fresh era.

Abdulaziz’s sentiments mirror this aspiration, advocating for a cinematic landscape enriched by vibrant hues. “We yearn for a canvas painted with color,” he asserts, underscoring the unique identity of “Head to Head” within this cinematic evolution.

Anticipation and Enthusiasm: A Promise of “Chaos”

The conversation embraces the excitement building around the imminent release of “Ras B Ras.” Malik and Abdulaziz radiate shared enthusiasm. “Anticipation is the pulse,”Malik remarks with a knowing smile, hinting at the fervor surrounding the impending unveiling. Abdulaziz playfully assures us that the anticipation will culminate in the arrival of “Chaos,” a promise that leaves us eager for more.

“Making people happy is our mission,” Abdulaziz declares. He emphasizes cinema’s unique ability to infuse joy and wonder into people’s lives. “Our energy is dedicated to enriching Saudi Arabia’s cinematic landscape,” he affirms.


Malik Nejer on set


Destination Reviews “Ras B Ras”

In the realm of cinematic creation, the visionaries behind “Ras B Ras” embarked on a journey to craft an immersive experience tailored for avid enthusiasts of on-screen action. Through an eclectic blend of influences encompassing action, cyber-punk sci-fi, dystopian worlds, spaghetti westerns, and anime, they sought to offer a mosaic of genres that resonate with diverse audiences. While the film may not have achieved cinematic marvel status, it remains a commendable effort.

The lens through which Riyadh is reimagined, albeit in fictional context, is a noteworthy facet. The narrative’s roots in familiar cinematic tropes found within our own surroundings create a bridge between global and local storytelling, sparking a sense of connection.

As we delve into character dynamics, it’s evident that the central cast’s development may leave room for improvement. Nevertheless, the supporting characters stand out with intriguing nuances. The commendable endeavor to represent diverse regions, though admirable, underscores the complexity of such an endeavor.

In essence, “Ras B Ras” opens the door to conversations about the fusion of genres and the portrayal of familiar landscapes within the realm of Saudi cinema. As the curtain falls on this cinematic journey, it’s a reminder that each creation contributes to the evolving tapestry of storytelling, leaving us excited for what the future holds in this vibrant artistic landscape.

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