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Experience the Festive Vibes of Ramadan Nights at Hayy Jameel

Experience the Festive Vibes of Ramadan Nights at Hayy Jameel

This Ramadan, revel in the festivities of community, culture, and wellbeing at the inaugural Ramadan Nights at Hayy Jameel. With a diverse program spanning across 14 nights and featuring over 30 participants and collaborators, Hayy Jameel promises an various remarkable experiences perfect for guests of any age.


From immersive and engaging activities, to an assortment of food options and so much more, Hayy Jameel’s Ramadan Nights, is definitely worth a visit at least during the beloved month. All things, culture, food, local goods and art, there is so much to explore.


All About Culture

For those in love with culture, Hayy Markets offers a wide variety of unique designs, handmade crafts, and local heritage-inspired products, each carefully  prepared by local start-ups. You can show your support for the many entrepreneurs from Jeddah while browsing through the entire market.


Culinary Adventures

Food lovers will enjoy a wide range of local foods and drinks from various vendors and Hayy Residents Aysh Academy. In addition, be sure to check out the newly opened Sofia’s Bistro in Saha for a delightful experience.


Explore Hayy’s Artistic Side

Take a look at different interactive workshops, kids’ activities, movies, interactive games, engaging talks, performances, healing sounds, experience the beauty of poetry, and storytelling at Hayy Jameel. All things creative and artistic, for those searching for inspirations, this is the place to be.


Hayy Cinema 

Hayy Jameel’s, Hayy Cinema is known to host multiple events throughout the year, showcasing some of the greatest films within the region. For Ramadan, they have picked out an fascinating selection of films to be presented to viewers on the big screen.


Be a Part of the Celebration

The great thing about Ramadan Nights at Hayy Jameel is that they are free of charge with free entry, welcoming all visitors with open arms. However, it is important to note that you need to RSVP for some activities because seats are limited. Don’t forget to mark your calendars and watch out for the full program to enjoy the event to the fullest!


Participants and Collaborators

The event boasts an impressive lineup of participants and collaborators, including Nafisa Shams, Marinus, Zahra Breast Cancer Association, Hakawi, One Funky Thing, Karama Yoga, S Design, Ganache, JED Board Games, Honest, Azka Foods, Samar Allarakia, Radish House, Health In A Jar, Akwan, King Abdulaziz University, Qanaateer, Hind Rawas, Karim Jabbari, and many more. Hayy Markets is a collaboration with local creative hub Upgrade, making it a true celebration of community engagement.


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